Google adds new options with Search.

Google has now added some new options to their search engine. Once you enter a search, there is a link right at the top of all the search results which is ‘Show options‘. Click on that link and the list of options emerge to the left as shown in image below.


Blogs and Reviews.

  • Once done with the list of search list there is an link to filter the search results with Blogs. That will show results which are related to blogs. Check the image below and see how on clicking blogs it shows all cricket related blogs.


  • Similarly if you click on Review it will bring up a list of reviews of cricket plans for mobile phones and also a few reviews of some cricket based video games.

Shopping: More and Less

  • Google is fantastic to look up details for something you want to buy online. But sometimes you want to look up sites which only has related information and not necessarily a site from where you can make a purchase.
  • Click on More Shopping Sites or Fewer Shopping Sites and toggle the results. As it shows in the image below the moment I clicked on More Shopping Sites it showed search results from where I can buy cricketing gear online. I have highlighted the result.


Link: Google Blog