Ways to Auto Reply in Gtalk with Predefined Messages

As many of you are aware, I was not much into online activities since quite long time because of my academic exams and as such, I always needed something that will help me out conveying this message to as many people with minimum efforts. Setting auto replies in my Gtalk account was one of the […]

Google Wave – Unifying communication on the Web

Google is now giving developers an early preview of Google “Wave”, encouraging them to ride into the future of emails, opening inboxes to richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, social network feeds, and more. Google Wave has been created by the two guys behind Google Maps, along with a small team in Sydney. The concept […]

Digsby: Manage all your IM, Email and Social Network Accounts from one place

Whenever you go online, how much time do you spend to check all of your emails accounts, browse through updates on your social network accounts and then login to your favorite IMs? Well, you can do away with all these mundane steps just by using the Digsby application. Digsby is a software product that helps […]