Ways to Auto Reply in Gtalk with Predefined Messages

gtalk As many of you are aware, I was not much into online activities since quite long time because of my academic exams and as such, I always needed something that will help me out conveying this message to as many people with minimum efforts. Setting auto replies in my Gtalk account was one of the best way of letting my friends know about my activities and then I found various ways of setting automated replies for my Gtalk friends that I am going to discuss here in this post.

Ways to set auto reply:

I will now, one by one, discuss all the above 3 tricks and let you know the ways of using them


digsby I guess, many of you must have used Digsby at least once. Digsby is one of the most used Gtalk client that even supports many other IM networks, and it is also in the recommended list of apps here on Devils workshop. So how one can set auto reply using Digsby? Just follow steps after downloading and installing Digsby onto your computer:

  1. As shown on the screenshot below, right click on the tray icon of Digsby (of course after installing it) and go to preferences
  2. Go to status tab and check “Auto respond with status message” option
  3. Now whenever you set your status message with ‘Busy’ status, then any one who pings you will get a reply with the message you had earlier set as your status.

And here is how, if any one who pings you will be auto responded with your predefined status message:


This is one of the best trick to auto reply, but the only disadvantage in it is, your computer will have to be always switched on to auto reply with digsby running to auto respond. But there’s another service that we will discuss next, using which, you can set auto reply and it doesn’t matter whether your computer is switched on or not! 😉



This is the another method to auto reply your Gtalk contacts, in fact this could be the best auto responding tool, if you want your Gtalk account to respond with a pre-defined message even when your computer is turned off. Also, for using this auto responder, you need not download any software onto your PC. Just login to answer.im and give your Gtalk login credentials to start using this auto responder service.

For setting up auto response in Answer.IM, have a look on our previous post: Answer.Im: Answering Machine for your Instant Messengers!


Gtalk Auto reply tool


Another tool is Gtalk auto reply software that works similar to Digsby though, unlike digsby, it doesn’t have support for chatting with online friends. You need to download and install the client on your system and it will keep responding to your friends automatically whenever they pings you. You can get this tool here.


Which tool is best for you?

Well, I prefer using both of them (Digsby and Answer.im) and unfortunately I could not make the third tool working on my system (many of my fellow bloggers could use it successfully though). You may use either of the tool depending on your situation. If you like your IM accounts to auto respond for 24×7 then you may try answer.im else digsby is a great tool too!

Links: Digsby download | Answer.Im | Gtalk auto reply software download

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  1. Yes, this is an effective way to let the friends know about your status. So they dont feel insulted because u didnt reply.

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    Is there any autoresponder for gtalk which works like a chatbot, i.e reply based on text entered by user, any free solution to this is appreciated 🙂


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