Indyarocks users can chat with Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN & AIM buddies from one single place

logoGood news for over 3.2 million Indyarocks users… now Indyarocks users can chat with others spread across different IM platforms, from any computer! All they need is a web browser and an Internet connection.

Geodesic and Indyarocks claim that this is the world’s first socially integrated Web based multi-service Instant Messenger.

Says Kiran Kulkarni, managing director, Geodesic Limited:

“We are thrilled to implement world’s first socially integrated web based multi-service IM for Indyarocks. Our IM platform provides Indyarocks users with a comprehensive IM experience, including the ability to login to their Indyarocks, Yahoo, MSN, GTalk, ICQ, AIM, and Jabber networks simultaneously and chat with buddies across all accounts. We continue to see tremendous growth for our IM platform as more and more publishers and web developers are realising the value of integrated real-time social interactions.”


Things you could do:

  • Indyarocks users will also be able to share their Indyarocks content like photos, videos, blogs, movies, games, etc., instantly with their friends across the Web.
  • It is a browser based application and will not require any downloads whatsoever.
  • Indyarocks users will be able to browse through Indyarocks without disturbing any chat instances.


(Source: Press Release)

10 replies on “Indyarocks users can chat with Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN & AIM buddies from one single place”

  1. I am not yet member but thinking to join that. many of my frineds send me request to join that.
    i think this site rocks.

    1. @rahul: share your experience once you do join it.

      @Adhi sesha Reddy: Check out Indyrocks IM platform, you should find the options there

  2. Hi sir,
    I have an account of Indyarocks,
    In that where can i get the option for Gtalk, Yahoo messenger, ……..

  3. See before it was ok to enter chat room, now they ask phone no,Its ok ,,But i living in abroad but there is no option to enter mine no,,,just india,,,why

  4. they need phone number as a verification,once a person who has a verified number is blocked in chat rooms for misbehaviour,he cannot get in the chat rooms again even if he creates a different profile

  5. When My friend open his Indyarocks Account, he getting Sign in with Different ID on Instant Messenger (Gmail Account).. why its happening!!

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