Blackberry’s solution for India

Research in Motion’s Blackberry has found a solution for its Indian users. It will have a corporate forum which will allow the Indian government to get access to data which might be sensitive from a security point of view.

Previously the government had given a deadline until the 31st of August 2010 for RIM to conform with certain demands.

Get Address Proof Card in India From Post Office

One of the biggest problems students and working professionals with transferable jobs face is to get an address proof. Without a proper address proof, one can’t get basic things like mobile connection, internet connection, gas connection nor can apply for passport or open up a bank account. Keeping this in mind, Indian Postal Department is […]

India makes $35 tablet computer

Lately the computer industry in India has been quite interesting. Today the HRD Ministry unveiled a tablet computer which will cost $35. This ridiculously low priced tablet computer will was introduced to the media by Kapil Sibal the HRD Minister. Image Credits: CNN-IBN It was created by IISc Bangalore, IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur […]

New symbol for Rupee and how to get currency symbols with Windows

We might try really hard but the fact is money is probably one of the most recognizable symbols of any country. Say the word “Dollar” and we think of the US or ‘Pound” and its United Kingdom. The Indian Rupee has previously been denoted as INR with no symbol of its own. From now on […]

India Broadband: Where do we stand on a Global Internet Map?

These days, we all are talking about Internet speed in India. I am sure that once in every gathering of minimum of 2 friends, they talk about it and discuss where are we (India) lacking, who is offering what speed and at what prices, etc. We talk, because we see some hope & scope of […]

The cheapest Netbooks in India: A comparison

Some people dismiss the importance of a Netbook but I think there is a lot of scope for it with respect to price and lack of computer penetration in certain markets. Dell had joined the notebook brigade for cornering the student market and Nokia came up with a netbook except they prefer to call it […]

Indian Paypal users need ‘Purpose Code’ and not Import-Export Code to Withdraw Funds to their Bank Accounts

Since a couple of weeks there has been chaos among Paypal users as it paused withdrawal option from Paypal to Indian bank accounts which was one of the most loved and used service among Freelancers, bloggers and service providers to receive money from outside the country. But earlier this week, in one of its official […]