India makes $35 tablet computer

Lately the computer industry in India has been quite interesting. Today the HRD Ministry unveiled a tablet computer which will cost $35. This ridiculously low priced tablet computer will was introduced to the media by Kapil Sibal the HRD Minister.

Image Credits: CNN-IBN

It was created by IISc Bangalore, IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur and IIT Madras took part in the research to come up with the innovative tablet meant to be cheap.

Complete list of features have not yet been revealed but here are something it will have.

  • It will be touch screen, single built unit.
  • It will have 2GB RAM and support Wi-Fi connectivity along with USB Port.

The goverment expects this device to be rolled out by 2011 and the main target are students. They expect the price to further fall to only INR 1000/- approx $20. This is obviously not as awaited as the Adam Tablet PC and was quite a surprise.

What are your views? Will it work out well for the Indian consumer? Do drop in your comments.

Here is a video below of the new device and the announcement.


Dinesh July 24, 2010

wifi in 1500 preety cool. Is this available only for students or working people too.

Aditya Kane July 24, 2010

Most of these details are a little sketchy. I think the govt will roll out subsidies for students but it might not be there for working people which might mean it will be slightly more expensive.

price in india July 24, 2010

I hope it will be indian version of tablet pc. Like Amazon kindle or sony digital reader. Waiting to read more reviews.

Tapas July 25, 2010

I not sure how much better the degree of quality of this device…..
but waiting for use…….

Akshay July 25, 2010

awesome tablet with a very decent price đŸ™‚

Nikhil July 26, 2010

I am not too sure about the final costing. The details provided are not complete. They said cost will also depend upon on your location. Also they should not be hidden costs attached to it. And if we are able to give 35$ tablets to students, then why not make it available for everyone.

Aditya Kane July 26, 2010

Good points. About students I think there will be subsidies through universities hence different prices.

Jnanesh Hegde July 29, 2010

Hope its not only for the students.. It should be made available to all the citizens of India.

Lan August 4, 2010

This is excellent! The price is beyond reasonable. Please make this available to everyone it will keep crime down because everyone can afford it.

dheeraj bisht January 26, 2011

well i think this would not good enough to match with adams tab…….. i have seen it video aand ifound that screen is very thick
thats why it will lack in senstive touch screen funtion …….vdu…and even a small reflection of light would be enough to make the screen content invisible (i might be wrong….. .it is just what i think …….

Himanshu June 12, 2011

when this tablet will come into market,and where will it be available?