India Site Clinic 2012 – Register Your Site and Get Free Advice From Google!

Whenever someone starts blogging there comes a time when they come across the term ‘SEO’. Search engine optimization best practices actually end up changing with every site. It all really boils down to the nature of the website and also the type of content on it. If you are a blogger, I am sure you […]

Watch Indian TV Serials on YouTube!

Are you addicted to a popular tv series in India but cannot manage to watch them during their daily time slots? YouTube is where people should flock to. They have just made it easy to browser through 19,000+ episodes of various Indian TV shows. Just visit and people viewing form India will be served […]

20,000 followers for Official Twitter account of Prime Minister’s Office in 2 days

In just a couple of days after the announcement of Official Account of Indian Prime Minister’s Office, more than 20,000 Twitter users have started following it. Just like the official page of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on Facebook, this twitter account will also give regular updates of Prime Minister’s speeches, programs,  photos, tours and other […]

Google Chrome Is Now The Most Popular Browser in India

Over the past 2 years, Chrome as a browser has gained a lot of popularity and is now ahead of Firefox as the second most used browser. In India, however the situation is even better for Chrome. It is not only very popular but has overtaken Internet Explorer as the most popular browser.