(Mobile) – Snake – High Score Crack!!!

This is for all Nokia’s Symbian series SNAKE lovers…(n cracker too)… If you ever cared about high scoring in this game then you are at right place…The game have a file “Snake EX HighScores.dat” in phone memory under “systemdata” directory.Complete Path : “C:systemdataSnake EX Highscores.dat”Open this file in any Hex-editor… (I used SelQ i.e. system […]

Breaking Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista Administrator Password

Going by my word posting here about a simple tool which will break Windows 2000/XP/2003’s Administrator account’s password. Before starting, for newbies… Windows NT 5.0 = Windows 2000 (all edition) Windows NT 5.1 = Windows XP (all edition) Windows NT 5.2 = Windows 2003 (all edition) So throughout this post I will refer our target […]

Free Airtel GPRS Trick is Back!

The information in this post in no longer supported and possibly outdated. New comments are closed on this post! Try out our Support Forums. In NUTSHELL you have to do only 3 things Enter your cel no. into USER NAME/NO. Field (If it is blank) Change access point / APN to airtelfun.com or airtelmms.com Configuring […]