Apple Vs Adobe: No Flash on iPhone OS, again.

The news is finally out yesterday! Adobe won’t spend any more time in making Flashavailable for development on Apple’s iPhone OS!  The statement came after Apple changed their developer program license for iPhone OS 4, disallowing development of applications with anything else than approved by Apple. (which includes Adobe’s tool) Non availability of Flash plug-in […]

See how Hitler responds to the Apple iPad [Amusing]

Only after a day of the launch of Apple’s latest product – iPad, there is an amusing video released on Youtube wherein, Hitler (imaginary) discusses about Apple iPad and how it could have been a better and a revolutionary product. He also discusses about what’s missing in it that the world expected to be there. […]

iPod Touch and iPad: Are they twins?

When I started looking up the presentation of iPad online, it errily resembled another product from Apple called the iPod Touch. The features started to be introduced and it seemed more like the iPod Touch. Ofcourse the iBook store access is probably not available on iPod Touch but most of the features look really similar. […]