Apple Vs Adobe: No Flash on iPhone OS, again.

The news is finally out yesterday! Adobe won’t spend any more time in making Flashavailable for development on Apple’s iPhone OS!  The statement came after Apple changed their developer program license for iPhone OS 4, disallowing development of applications with anything else than approved by Apple. (which includes Adobe’s tool)

Non availability of Flash plug-in is a major (may be – only) minus point with iPhone  and all the iPhone users were eagerly waiting to see it in the next version of the OS.

It all started when, Adobe announced their next version of Flash – a part of Creative Suite 5 which supports application development for iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads and Apple announced iPhone OS 4 with modified developer license as said above.

Adobe’s prime reason for a strong reaction is fairly understandable as they have spent huge amount of time and money in creating Flash-to-iPhone tool.

Apple on the other hand is very skeptical about Flash in general. They are not very happy with the way Flash works on Mac OS for their desktops and laptops. They further said that Flash is very buggy, insecure, resource hogger and they would not like such platform to be used on iPhone OS.

While the cold war continues between two giants in their respective industry, iPhone users will have to wait even more to see Flash websites & applications on iPhone.

I wish the war ends soon!

Do let us know your view about Apple Vs Adobe war?


Devilslab-Your guide to stay updated April 24, 2010

😛 what a conflict!!

lets see who sacrifices !!

lolzz… i think this time… apple has to !

Tushar Tajane April 24, 2010

Yes, indeed! I think Apple should take one step back and at least allow flash plugin for browsers on iPhones. If it is a risk then let users decide whether to install it or not!