iPod Touch and iPad: Are they twins?

When I started looking up the presentation of iPad online, it errily resembled another product from Apple called the iPod Touch. The features started to be introduced and it seemed more like the iPod Touch. Ofcourse the iBook store access is probably not available on iPod Touch but most of the features look really similar. I do not own a iPod Touch and neither does my name start with ‘Steve’ and end with ‘Jobs’; so I do not have a iPad device either but in the spirit of comparison I decided to layout some very close similarities which the two share.


iPod Touch and iPad

  • Both the devices connect using Wi-fi, have a browser which allows you to view webpages in very similar formats. iPad obviously is bigger sized but the concepts are pretty much the same.
  • Web Apps are pretty much similar and even in the presentation it was said that the familiar apps from iPod are there but can viewed larger. 😐
  • Playing games on the iPad will be almost the same as playing on the iPod Touch. The interface and touch sensitivity controls seem similar (see image above).
  • Playing movies and music seem to be again eerily similar. The interface again being very similar.
  • The email feature of when you want to reply is also similar. I guess considering iPad is four times larger the touchscreen keypad will also be 4 times larger and hence less troublesome.
  • The major difference will be iBooks access. I do not think having the option to read books with a iPod will be convenient and thats where iPad has some sort of uniqueness.

Now I do not know what Apple is thinking but it seems they decided to take a fancy iPod Touch device, enlarge it and call it iPad. On the face of it, I think the only difference is that for iPad you need a bag and for iPod Touch your pocket will do.

So what do you think about iPad? It is really just a larger than life version of the iPod Touch?


Gautam January 30, 2010

Think if children have iPads or Kindle, then won’t have to carry books to school!

Aditya Kane January 30, 2010

i think that is the future anyways… also you might see the library disappearing .. it all might become virtual.

josh April 10, 2010

vary true but are you willing to just throw some of the worlds master pieses on to a screen and call it a book as for the futer this will most likly happen and it would save schools mony so this will most likly be the way but you have to admit siting down and reading an achual book beets out looking at a screen that will give you a head ache

Aditya Kane April 11, 2010

I dont think these digital devices will replace books in the near future at all. But it is a way forward and maybe we might have a book like device which downloads and displays the text. At the moment books are study and you dont have to worry about breaking them if they fall from a your hands while reading. There are many practical things that IPad or any other reader is far from addressing.