Subititles & TV Out for iPhone/iPod Touch video

The best way to get soft-subtitles on your iPhone / iPod Touch video which you can switch ON/OFF & watch these videos on your bigger TV! Read ahead… There are many users who are not well-informed of the fact that video on iPhone/iPod Touch has support for soft subtitles. This is nothing else than subtitles […]

How will Microsoft’s Zune HD impact Apple’s iPod Touch?

Microsoft has finally launched Zune HD and a week ago Apple had launched the new iPod Touch along with a upgraded iPod Nano. I was wondering how these two products will compete with each other. Round One Zune HD is priced at $219 for a 16GB version and the 32GB one is priced at $289. […]

Radio on iPhone and iPod Touch

There’s just something about radio – that element of surprise, that anticipation of what’s coming next, that man-I-haven’t-heard-that-song-in-years sensation. That’s the promise of the new free Yahoo! Music iPhone app. Powered by CBS Radio, it lets you browse through 300+ stations within more than 20 genres (from Bollywood to Goth to Naughty Comedy). CBS RADIO […]

Coladia launches animated adventure game Cleopatra: A Queen’s Destiny

Here’s something for all you game lovers out there… Coladia recently announced the release of Cleopatra: A Queen’s Destiny – a beautifully designed and animated adventure game for Mac OS X and iPhone / iPod Touch. The game costs $29.

Coladia is a young software and games publishing company for iPhone and Macintosh computers.