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There’s just something about radio – that element of surprise, that anticipation of what’s coming next, that man-I-haven’t-heard-that-song-in-years sensation. That’s the promise of the new free Yahoo! Music iPhone app. Powered by CBS Radio, it lets you browse through 300+ stations within more than 20 genres (from Bollywood to Goth to Naughty Comedy). CBS RADIO crammed a lot of great features into the Yahoo! Music app so that you will never be without your favorite music when you’re on the go. Here are just a few of the great features included:

  • Browse through 20+ genres
  • Skip up to six songs an hour
  • Browse stations by genre or find local stations ‘near you’ utilizing GPS
  • Share stations with friends
  • Browse your listening history or recently played stations
  • Buy albums/songs via iTunes
  • Listen to 1010WINS, KROQ, WFAN and more than a hundred other CBS RADIO stations in addition to Yahoo! Music’s 150 music stations
  • Add presets for instant access to your favorite stations

The Y! Music app streams two distinct kinds of stations; interactive & non-interactive. The main difference between interactive and non-interactive streams is the ability to skip songs. Every time you launch an interactive station, you will be listening to a unique music experience. No two streams are the same! With non-interactive stations, you will be listening to the same stream that is being broadcast on the air. If you’re in Los Angeles, you can listen to a station in New York as if you were really there! It’s like being in two places at once!

(Image credits and Source: Yahoo Music Blog)


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samrat p June 15, 2009

this is really cool….