Microsoft partners Nokia: Is it a Marriage of Convenience!

In a post yesterday by Pratik Parekh, he discussed the potential rumor of Microsoft buying Nokia or RIM. Today Microsoft announced that it is partnering with Nokia.  This was news that was not exactly shocking or surprising and most people were already discussing it a lot around the web. Microsoft – Nokia partnership! It seems […]

Android overtakes Symbian by 1.9 million sales!

Even if you think it doesn’t matter how far Android can go, ‘I will stick to Nokia’, then I must tell you that Android has now officially broken all records with higher sales figures than Symbian in the last quarter of 2010. What’s more interesting is that while Android’s popularity has been ever on the […]

Apple’s new solution for iPhone 4 is the iHand [Funny]

Recently I wrote about Nokia poking fun at Apple’s iPhone by showing how Nokia phones can be held without ever the fear of losing connectivity. While the laughter around the net was about to die out, we have we came across a incredibly funny idea post about an accessory for Apple called the iHand. As […]

Nokia makes fun of Apples iPhone 4’s network loss

Nokia makes fun of Apples iPhone 4’s network loss through a blog which shows how you can hold the Nokia handset without worries of network connectivity and also suggesting the phones main purpose is to make and receive calls.