3D Globe shows Google Search Volumes by Language!

Google has introduced a new Chrome experiment, which visually represents Google’s search volume by language from across the world. The globe is a lot like Google earth, and runs on Google Chrome. The globe uses the computer hardware for creating the 3D graphics. Interesting trends from Search Globe! India seems to have a lot of […]

JJSplit: Free Opensource alternative for HJSplit

I’ve been using Linux for some months and was searching through the synaptic Package Manager and cannot find an equivalent Utility to HJ Split. The Linux version of HJ Split was not very effective and I went through many forums and posts. Got some results but not really satisfied! I wondered if I’m just not using the right search […]

ReactOS: Free, Opensource alternative to Windows! A Preview.

This is a guest post by Tushar, if you like to write for Devils’ Workshop, do read Devils’ Workshop revenue sharing program. We all know about free Linux based operating systems, free open-source office and graphics softwares, and so on! Open-source softwares are future of computing software! No doubt!  But open-source does not only mean […]