3D Globe shows Google Search Volumes by Language!

Google has introduced a new Chrome experiment, which visually represents Google’s search volume by language from across the world. The globe is a lot like Google earth, and runs on Google Chrome.

The globe uses the computer hardware for creating the 3D graphics.


Interesting trends from Search Globe!

  • India seems to have a lot of search traffic, but the language is still English. Possibly the only country in Asia with such high volumes for queries in English.
  • The lack of search volumes in Russia, China and much of Africa is because of various reasons. Lack of internet freedom and lack of internet facility in many places in Africa shows those region dark.

Try out Google Search globe by visiting the Chrome experiments page. The project has been open-sourced and web-masters can even include the globe on their own website with their own data.

I tried checking if the experiment works on IE9 and Firefox 4 and it did not work on both browsers. It had no issues working on my Chrome browser. Maybe it is another back-handed way of showing off Chrome’s superiority by Google.

Do try it out and drop in your comments.

Link: Google Search Globe


Prashant Rohilla May 6, 2011

Aditya Did you notice China On that map ! Not only its blank , This proves google or any other Organisation such as Facebook , twitter etc. Do not have or Own any data or Demographics related to China and Its people. isn’t it remarkable on china’s side!

Aditya Kane May 6, 2011

@Prashant: Mainland China still does have a lot of representation but I guess this is thanks to Baidu being the first preference in China. Facebook and Twitter are just plain banned in China as far as I know.