Checking Adsense Revenue without Logging into Adsense Site [How-to]

There are chances that you log-in to your adsense dashboard each morning to check your revenue reports, etc. So, here in this post I am going to mention various ways using which you can check your Adsense revenue reports without logging into the adsense dashboard periodically.

Firefox Add-on for Checking Adsense Revenue

why do work adsense addon You can either install a Firefox add-on –Why do work adsense Monitor that will continuously keep updating (refer the image) you about your adsense earnings on the Firefox status bar or you can even get adsense reports directly from Adsense team periodically which we will be discussing later on this post.

If you want to continuously keep tracking your adsense revenue and other reports such as CTR and eCPM then this Firefox add-on is the best way, as it will keeps syncing the data in your Adsense dashboard. Once you download the plugin you will have to provide your adsense login credentials for this plugin to work.

Email reports for Adsense Earnings

Recently I came to know that, you can even subscribe for daily reports from Adsense team containing the reports for the previous day. Pavan has explained in detail on how to get adsense earning report on your mail box daily or over a given time period. You can head over to this page to know step by step procedure for subscribing to adsense email reports.

Links: Adsense revenue monitoring Firefox plugin | Step by step instructions to start getting adsense email reports

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  1. That’s simple and easy way to monitor adsense earnings. But one must not blog keeping money in mind. This is why most people fail while building a blog.

  2. @srinivas
    Yes, you are right. To be a successful blogger, one must not blog keeping money in mind.

    But the point here was not that, by this post I wanted to simplify some of the task that budding bloggers may perform again and again! 😉

  3. thanks for your share. it makes me simple check out what was happen with my adsense. Although now I’m trying build more traffic for my blog. You can visited my blog above, and I need yours comment.

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