Plugin To Protect WordPress Against Password Reset Vulnerability

Since morning I have been reading about latest password reset vulnerability found in wordpress  version <= 2.8.3. (Details) Those who can upgrade their wordpress installation, should upgrade to version 2.8.4 which fixes this vulnerability. But there are people like us who are running highly customized wordpress setups which cannot be simply upgraded by single-click! Although […]

Subscribe to Comments Officially on WordPress!

All WordPress based blogger might have come across ‘Subscribe to Comments’ plugin atleast once. It provides an option to the commentators to receive email of any future comments on that post. This plugin is helpful, both for the blog owner and commentator. As shown on the image, once a commentator checks the “Notify me of […]

Google Chrome Plugin: PageRank, Alexa Rank checker

This time I have a good news for Chrome users. Most of my friends preferred Firefox than Chrome just because it does not support installation of plugins and addons as Firefox does. But this time it is not so, if you are a big fan of Google’s Chrome and you too dislike it because of […]

Creating Custom Search Page in WordPress Blog

In wordpress, there are two types of webpages – “posts” and “pages”. While “posts” are generated dynamically, “pages” are statics and created explicitly. You can create as many “pages” as you want and put them anywhere in your blog’s structure. Few pages I have here includes – about page, contact page, joining DW page, etc. […]

After Web-Browser Chrome, What’s Next from Google?

(Image Credit: Shalom Issenberg) Google has been supplying us with various utilities, softwares and other web-products which have made working with the Internet very easy. Recently, Google launched its own Web-Browser Google Chrome. It appears that there is Google’s monopoly over the Internet. Also, if we observe, most of the Google services are free to […]

PHPCamp Pune – Lets Geek Up!

Those who are familiar with BarCamp can immediately guess that PHPCamp is unconference for PHP. For rest, PHPCamp is event for all PHP programmers where you can show off your expertise in any area related to PHP. If you are new to PHP you can just attend this event to learn some great things about […]