Related Post Solution For Blogspot Blogger

Google for wordpress related posts plugin and you will find many of them but for Blogspot Blogger situation is was quite different. Mohamed Rias posted a solution which involve some Blogger template hacks but solves long pending related post problem. He described all modifications in very clean and simple manner so I think every Blogger […]

Googles Chrome Browser – Features and alternative Firefox Plugins

Google launched their first public version of open source browser named Chrome. As of now available only for Windows, this browser will most probably eat into Microsoft’s Internet Explorer’s market share. Well this is good news for web developer guys as IE always made it hard to develop standard compliant websites. Anyway here is our […]

Search Regex – A must have WordPress Plugin

There are times when you want to make a change across all your posts. Consider following examples: I have a dedicated page for firefox on this blog with AdSense’s firefox download code. Earlier I used to link that from every “download firefox” link. But as Google retired there AdSense for referral program, I thought its […]

AdSense for Feeds – FAQ & Guide

Few days back, AdSense opened their feed advertising program for all publishers. I put AdSense ads in some of my feeds. The whole process of adding AdSense codes in feeds is not that simple as it may seem. Here I am listing few resources, which can be helpful for all bloggers/publisher who still have questions […]

Overview of WordPress Plugin Series

This is last post in my first wordpress plugin series. Rather than making your list larger by suggesting more plugins, in this post I will write summary of things which changed after this series experiment. First and most important, now this blog allows its commentators to edit their comments as suggested by Johnson & other […]

6 WordPress Plugins for Easier Administration and Maintenance

Today I am listing wordpress plugins for easier administration and maintenance. Main goal is to automate tasks like database backup, upgrading, etc. 1. Database Backup Plugin This is most important plugin you must use. It performs complete wordpress database backup and optionally send it to email address given, on daily or weekly basis. Technically if […]

6 WordPress Plugins for Better Navigation and User Experience

This post may seem little late in this wordpress plugins series. But if you remember we already discussed some best comment plugins, and if you really care about your users then you should check them out first. Listed below are plugins, which will improve your blogs navigation and thus will result in higher page-views. 1. […]

8 WordPress Plugins for Feed Subscribers

Today in our wordpress plugin series, we will explore plugins related to feeds. Feed is the reason, I love blogs over static websites. If you are seriously into blogging, then one thing which matters most is feed readers. Many bloggers, including me, display their FeedBurner subscribers count proudly at prominent places on their site. So […]

4 WordPress Plugins for Better SEO and Permalink Structure

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is one of the hottest topic on web. There are thousands of spam sites/books dedicated on this topic to just mint your money. They do well because of one reason – everybody want traffic for their site, but nobody want to work hard for that! So let me make this clear right […]

Moving a WordPress blog from a subdirectory to subdomain preserving permalinks

Many bloggers like to keep their blog in either subdirectory (ex: or subdomain (ex: Generally personal blogs are hosted under subdirectories and blog dedicated to services hosted under subdomains. Anyway, if one want to move his wordpress blog from a subdirectory to a subdomain or vice-versa, it is possible to do so without […]