5 WordPress Plugins for Social Bookmarking/Networking

Today I will post about plugins which will help your blog spread via social networking/bookmarking services. I personally think socializing aspect is more important than direct SEO, which I will discuss in tomorrows post. Social plugins allow your blog visitor to spread a word about your blog posts. As this is what they say mouth-to-mouth […]

5 Essential WordPress Comment Plugins

After going through wordpress plugin basics and plugins which help you uploading/managing other plugins, its time to move to something really important. I don’t know what is your priority but as a blogger I care most about my readers. Its more important than SEO or other traffic tactics to me which I will discuss in […]

2 WordPress Plugins to Make FTP Clients Obsolete

As I promised yesterday, in today’s post I will explore few wordpress plugins which will make uploading/managing other plugins/themes easier. Using these plugins will make FTP clients useless as far as wordpress is concerned. Again as with all popular demand, there are many plugins which can do this FTP thing for you but I like […]

Introduction – WordPress Plugins

This is my first post in first series about wordpress plugins. In this post I am covering few things to remember while using wordpress plugins and different ways to upload a wordpress plugin. Actual plugin listing will start from tomorrow. Some things to remember about wordpress plugins… Best thing about wordpress is, power it offers […]

Series Writing – A new blogging experiment! [Editorial]

Starting from this week, I am trying a new experiment – Series writing. Series writing is proven effective for many top bloggers. It demands much more consistency than normal blogging but I have more reasons to try this. In last few weeks, I have noticed that I blog about too many topics here. As a […]

Performancing Ad Network – New way to make money!

Performancing Ad Network, is a new ad network recently launched. Unlike many ad-networks which took forever to perform, this network is really performing well for this blog. It seems that it will replace Kontera, my second largest source of revenue soon. Performancing Ad Network seems promising as they are specifically targeting 125 X 125 pixel […]

WordPress 2.6 final is released

A month ahead of its schedule, WordPress 2.6 is released now. You can download it from wordpress.org. Below are key-features which I will be exploring today… Post Revisions: Wiki-like tracking of edits. Good for multi-author blogs. Press This bookmarklet for quick posting from anywhere on the web Shift Gears: Faster Admin panel Theme Previews: Good […]

Join Kontera in July to Get 100% Revenue Share

Kontera ad-network announced an exciting deal for new publishers, bloggers. If you join Kontera in this July month, you will get 100% revenue share for rest of the month. Its double of 50% revenue share that Kontera gives normally. Important Note… In order to get 100% revenue share, you must sign-up for Kontera using this […]

Windows Live Writer – Best Desktop Blogging Client For Offline Blogging

A desktop blogging client is a software which help you write blog posts from your desktop without logging into your blogs admin section. They normally have better WYSIWYG editors than those online post editors among  and support blogging to multiple blogs. Also most desktop blogging client works offline so that you can write posts anytime […]

New Kontera Plugins for Making More Money

Kontera recently launched a bunch of plugins to help bloggers from different blogging platforms easily integrate kontera ads and thus make more money alongwith Google Adsense. Yes, Kontera is among very few well-performing ad networks which can be used alongwith Google Adsense. 🙂 The new Kontera solutions include: A One-Click Blogger.com widget – All you […]