BlogCamp Pune 2 – Overview

Yesterday, we {Me, Deepak, Deepesh, Radhe, Shyam & Anil} were at BlogCamp Pune 2 as we posted about it earlier. The event was better than expected and around 100 bloggers were gathered despite NO free T-shirt or lunch this time. Glad to see people are seriously camping for the sake of discussion only! 😉 We […]

PHPCamp Pune – Lets Geek Up!

Those who are familiar with BarCamp can immediately guess that PHPCamp is unconference for PHP. For rest, PHPCamp is event for all PHP programmers where you can show off your expertise in any area related to PHP. If you are new to PHP you can just attend this event to learn some great things about […]

IndiBloggers Meeting @ Mumbai on 27th April

Last month, IndiBloggers Team & Vineet together organized bloggers meet in Pune. I personally attended it and posted about my experience here. Of course, it was nice and so I am writing about it again! Many fellow bloggers who missed it, was eager to know about next bloggers meet. The wait is over now, atleast […]

[Event] IndiBlogger Pune Meet Turns Out To Be A Huge Success!

IndiBlogger is a directory of Indian blogs and a meeting point for bloggers. Unlike many other directories of blogs, IndiBlogger directory is powered by IndiBloogle -a nice example of Google’s custom search feature. Also, meetings feature is highly innovative as any member can call for meet on any tag! Like a photoblogger can call for […]

CNN-IBN Forum for Students – Now Whatever You Write Will Be Read By The World!

Shortly called CFS (CNN-IBN Forum for Students) is a platform launched by IBNlive for students to Write or Blog on any National or International issue that they feel strongly about. From official CFS website, Blogs written by students will be displayed on our official website This platform aims at guiding students to understand how […]

Firefox Text Formatting Toolbar with HTML, BBCode, Wiki Code support!

This Firefox Text Formatting Toolbar works with any textbox (textarea tag) on any website! Support for HTML, BBCode & WikiCode means you can use this with almost every website. So lets install this first! Requirement: Works with Firefox Only! So Download Firefox if you don’t have it! Installation: Click here to install! A pop-up will […]

Orkut becomes Indian Youth Icon for 2007!

Just read on Orkuts official blog that Orkut becomes Indian Youth Icon for 2007! The competition was organized by MTV & Pepsi! Orkut now joined the league of Mahendra Singh Dhoni (in 2006), Shah Rukh Khan (in 2005), Rahul Dravid (in 2004) and Anil Ambani (in 2003) as the winners of Pepsi-MTV Youth Icon. The […]