PHPCamp Pune Log!

Yesterday, I was at PHPCamp Pune for full day. Here is my log of event for those who missed it!

As usual, for all early morning events, I reached late and missed my free T-shirt. Actual reason was huge response to the event. Organizer printed 300 T-shirts but around 600 geeks turned up for the event! More than 1200 guys registered for it. In fact, it was so overcrowded that venue sponsor Persistent denied access to the lift and asked people to use the staircase to the 7th floor! Smarty me, didn’t do that. I used lift between 1st and 6th Floor. 😉

Now something really important…

There were lots of talks on Drupal and Joomla, two popular CMSes. Those who use them or work on them must have been greatly benefited.

Apart from this another hot topic was OpenSocial. Out of all talks on OpenSocial, I liked one given by Pravin Nirmal. He presented his topic very nicely with live demo of an Orkut App. He also cleared lots of my doubts regarding OpenSocial and Orkut Apps. You can expect my first Orkut App within a month. If you have any nice idea for an Orkut app, please share it with us. 🙂

I spent most of my time with Ankur Gattani, young entrepreneur behind LifeinLines. If you missed my earlier review about LifeinLines, its here. It was nice to know his plans for LifeinLines and if you are using it, expect a lot of cool features in coming days.

Apart from it, I was privileged to meet Sebastiaan Deckers, a member of XMPP (Jabber) Foundation and developer of Pandion chat client. Those who don’t know, famous Google Talk uses XMPP protocol for communications.

And lastly…

It was really surprising to see that there was no single talk on WordPress and Facebook – two most-famous PHP apps! 🙁

Another bad thing was no wi-fi for campers. Again sponsor turned off wi-fi connectivity on campus. Sorry Rupesh, this is the reason, I couldn’t blog about event while it was going on. 🙁

Apart from this, overall event was great, thanks to organizers, who really worked hard to make it successful.

Finally thanks to my friend Anil’s younger bro Santosh, I got a cool T-shirt from Directi. It has PHP logo on it with PHP defined as – “Pretty Hot Programmer”. 😉

PhpCamp Links: Official Site | Google Group | Flickr Group for event pics

[Admin note: Those who visited this site on Saturday night and Sunday (till eve), Indian Standard Time, might have found it down. There was some technical issue popped up which is resolved now. Sorry for inconvinence caused and thanks for all who notified me.]


Deepak September 22, 2008

hmm… Rahul ban gaya gentleman 😉
Rahul we all that you are a “Pretty hot programmer” 😛

Nikhil Pai September 23, 2008

Which one would you suggest out of Joomla & Drupal if I want to integrate either phpBB or SMF forums with the CMS and also a e-Commerce site? Would you know any agency in Mumbai which works mainly on Drupal or Joomla?

Rahul Bansal September 25, 2008

lolz.. 😀

Well I am not much exerienced with anything other than wordpress. So better ask Google if there is integration plugin/mod for any combo of Joomla/Drupal & phpBB/SMF.

About Joomla coder, I know a really nice Joomla coder from Pune. Let me know if its ok? 🙂