F-Secure is a seriously nice tool to protect your phone from theft

Since the advent of Android and iPhone, there are plenty of apps in market that promises to save your mobile from theft. But there are very few companies that are providing solution for multiple platforms. F-Secure is a nice tool that can secure your mobile from theft. It supports multiple mobile platforms including Symbian, Windows […]

Youtube Introduced Safety mode

Youtube has one of the largest video collection and many of the videos have graphic violence, war footage or footage which you don’t wany your family or kids to see. To ensure your family safety, Youtube introduced a new feature call safety mode.

This new safety mode from youtube will make sure that videos which contains any such graphics which you don’t want your kids and family to see, will not be shown.

Can you spot “Phishing” attack? Simple test to check your safety!

Answer 5 simple question and get to know how safe you are from fishing attack. Phishing is rapidly growing attack whose sole purpose is to steal your login details like user name, passwords and in some cases your credit card numbers.