How safe is a blogger, blogging & his blog?

Have you ever imagined, being a blogger, how safe you are? Many of us including me thought that blogging is among a good profession which makes you bucks just by sitting behind your laptop. But it is not so, be careful for what you are writing or blogging. Many people have took up blogging as their profession and contribute full time on blogging. I agree that you can make hundreds or thousands of dollars with minimal effort, but anything wrong on your blog may cost your life.  Few days ago I came across this blog post, that says "Bloggers are increasingly being arrested, sued and prosecuted".

After reading the whole article you too may realize the responsibility of a blogger. The author has described how bloggers are being humiliated. Even because of a small mistake committed on your blog, you may have to end up with hassles for the rest of your life. My intention behind writing this article is not to scare bloggers, rather I just wanted to alert you for your doings on this virtual world. 🙂

I am highlighting some of the key points you must remember as a blogger:

  • Do not copy contents from the web with proper credits. It may be a case of copy rights infringement act, moreover you may get banned by your host.
  • Do not use abusive or harsh languages.
  • Do not leak secret information of government authorities.
  • If possible, do not protest any one on your blog.
  • Do not publish any news that you are not sure about. For this you should rely only on some official news.

Keeping in mind, the above points, may lead your career as a successful, happy and a safe blogger 🙂
Let me again remind you, please rethink about what your are posting because Amit Agarwal says "there is no delete button on the internet". Once you hit ‘publish’ the contents are stored on the internet forever.

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14 replies on “How safe is a blogger, blogging & his blog?”

    1. @Pavan Kumar
      Now I got what actually it is.. Will take care of it in the future. 🙂

      Rahul explains it as follows:

      “its about permalinks..
      u shud always use actual link a blogger is using

      www is no issue. if its there add it, if its not forget it

      if u do opposite it will create one extra redirect which will increase load on server, increase response time and in some cases break link!”

      In a nutshell it increases the server load on an extra redirection, so it is advisable not to do so.

  1. Very informative post. Although hi don’t use any such methods which will make things going on a wrong way. But yes ,precautions are better than cure always

  2. Key point= Non-freedom of speech!!
    blogging start with freedom of speech and these key point means that you are not suppose to say what you feel , and this is sad 🙁

  3. @denharsh
    Sometimes people (read as bloggers) go overboard in the name of ‘Freedom of Speech’. I am in noway supporting anyone who have prosecuted/arrested bloggers, but just wanted to make you aware of the flip side of defining blogging as ‘freedom of speech’

  4. @ Raju

    My comment din meant to offend anyone or to the post, All i wanted to put a point is that, those key points are utter truth and any blogger on free blogging platform are supposed to follow them.

    If possible, do not protest any one on your blog.

    Blogging started with a trend “revolution”, it is said to be the best way to make your voice reachable to masses. But my only question ??

    can we still think of start writing about something which we feel or should we join the crowd of million blogger who write more or less on same topic.

    “Its about creating a difference”

  5. @Deepak Jain
    Really great post Deepak.

    This is why I have to reject some very good posts at editorial table. With freedom comes responsibility.

    As an example: we are FREE to talk about hacking, cracking and other kewl stuff but if we are sure that such info will be misused then better not to post about them.

  6. @Rahul Bansal
    Glad to know that a pro blogger liked the post 🙂

    Dude.. You are right, we have freedom to speech and can use them on our blog. But by freedom of speech it doesn’t mean that one can leak confidential govt. agencies’ information or copy other’s contents leaving all their effort in vein.

    Again I say, my intention was not to hurt any blogger, I just said the fact on what’s happening with bloggers, rest is your wish. 🙂

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