[How to] Run infected files without getting your system infected

Run infected files without getting your system infected with Sandboxie a software which allows the harddisk from being infected by using transient storage.

Yes it’s true that you can run infected files on your system without getting the system infected. Sandboxie is an Application that allows you to do so. This is useful in circumstances where you have a USB device or installing a not so known file on your computer. Sandboxie can help you install the program even if it is infected without getting your system affected.

Here is a quick demonstration

  1. I have downloaded a infected file. 🙁
  2. Kaspersky prompts me that the file is infected.
  3. Thankfully I have Sandboxie on installed on my computer. 🙂
  4. Now run the file. You have to navigate to the folder that has the file which is infected.
  5. Right Click on the file and then Click “Run Sandboxed” from the drop down menu.

Just a few points of some note. Sandboxie is not a Anti-Virus software and having an updated antivirus program is still the best way to keep your system safe.

Do try out Sandboxie and drop in your comments.

Link: Download Sandboxie


Gourav Jain October 23, 2010

Good post Jai Kishan. It will surely help people and me too.

JKM October 23, 2010

Thanks buddy!

Rohit | Ipod Touch 4G October 23, 2010

thanks for sharing this sandbox app info wid us….it’s great to hear about such an app….:)

JKM October 23, 2010

Thanks buddy! Ya sure i will share if i have more.

Ramkumar October 23, 2010

Great tool. It can be an alternate to AVG Vault and Kaspersky’s Safe Run.

ankit October 25, 2010

hello ramkumar according to me i dont think avg vault is a sanbox environment i think it a place where avg will store all infected files and viruses .

Akshay October 24, 2010

nice info
trying it now 🙂

ankit October 25, 2010

i have been using it for more than a year now but i have stopped using it now because i use avast 5 internet security and it bydefault gives you option to run a file is sandbox environment which is cool …do try avast 5 internet security…

joshua November 14, 2010

great app…but better is DEEP FREEZE software..

Jai Kishan Mishra December 10, 2010

@ joshua

I always use the best and trusted one. I think Google also like to use Sandboxie just see this video http://youtu.be/9S0suTQ_N-w

nazim January 15, 2011

A very usefull software::::

Adrien June 8, 2013

Hey !

It’s exactly my situation with kaspersky.

Thanks a lot !