[Alert] LastPass Security Compromised! Users Advised to Change Password

LastPass stores all these online passwords in encrypted form. Even its tagline suggests that LastPass master passwords is the last password you will ever need. Ironically LastPass security seems to have been compromised and users might have problems accessing their passwords. LastPass has requested all its users to go ahead and change their passwords to secure their […]

List of 4 Ways to Update All Your Software in Windows

The frequency of software updates have increased day by day, due to which updating software manually has become a hectic task. If you’re a software junkie and have a lot of software installed on your system then, it will become a big headache for you. This is the reason Update checkers have started gaining popularity. […]

All Gmail accounts being restored: Will the cloud lose steam!

We all are fans of cloud computing, because of its simplicity in accessing data anywhere in the world. People were singing praises to the cloud all over until suddenly one morning Gmail deleted emails for about 150,000 accounts. This was because of a bug but people panicked when all their email could not be retrieved. […]

Enable 2-step verification on Gmail [Security]

Google had announced two-step verification for some of its Google Apps accounts back in September 2010. Now it is rolling out this extra security feature for all Gmail users. This is a good step as it means two sets of verification instead of just one which is the password. The second verification step will be […]