See friendship between any two people on Facebook [How-to]

Long time back Facebook introduced a feature by which you can see friendship between you and your friend. Later they extended it to see friendship between your friends but do you know that you can also use this to see friendship and mutual friends or likes between any two people on Facebook doesn’t matter if […]

Dear Google, Why is Google+ just a Facebook with better clothes?

I love Google+ as compared to Facebook. I have started to love it a lot more in the past couple of months, since I have started using it every day to check feeds and share content. It is a much better, cleaner design and the concept of creating and sharing with your contact circles is […]

Facebook redesigns Photo Albums with cleaner look and new features

Once again Facebook changed the way we see photos on it and this time the change is pretty good. They have changed the theme of photos and its album. Now Facebook shows much bigger photo thumbnails with a cleaner design. Also there are some newly added features like featured photo, direct likes and comments e.t.c. Let’s have a look […]

Facebook Allows Users to Promote their Personal Posts

Facebook has seen decent success with promoted posts or Ads. It was a great way for Facebook Page owners to get their brands better visibility and to reach a bigger audience. Facebook now allows you to promote personal posts. Quick Tips on Promoting personal posts When you update your Facebook account with a post, an […]

Beware! Your current profile picture is public on Facebook

Facebook is trying hard to make most of the user’s private content public. First they launched Cover Photos where we don’t have any option of making pictures private i.e. only friends can see them. Now they have launched another feature which will automatically make current profile picture public. From now every time you upload a profile picture, it will be public […]

Twitter is Systematically Killing 3rd Party Apps

Twitter has removed the mention of clients from Tweets. You might have noticed while reading an individual tweet, it was easy to note which client was used to send that particular tweet. This was a great way for Twitter users to find and adopt new Twitter mobile apps and desktop clients. This latest move confirms […]

Narendra Modi on Google+ Hangout: Indian Politics Just Got More Social

Google+ might not be getting a lot of buzz but its Hangout feature is being increasingly adopted. So it is not very surprising, that Gujarat’s Chief Minister, Narendra Modi will be on a Google+ Hangout session which will be available  on YouTube Live. Google+ Hangouts is not new to politicians using it for interactive sessions. […]