Opinsy–A Social Network for Opinions [Beta]

There are many new social media websites which try and get users to share photos, posts and videos. Opinions and polls are also socially very relevant but none of the major social media giants have been able to do get much traction here.

Opinsy.com is a website which is about taking part in discussions and opinions. It allows users to create an opinion and let users vote on it.

Opinsy Features

  • The idea behind Opinsy is very simple. As a user you get to vote on “Agree” or “Disagree”.
  • Additionally users can also add comments to a particular opinion they have voted on.
  • To complete the circle, users are allowed to add their own opinions on the website and get people voting on them.
  • Users can also follow each other to keep track of their opinions and vote on them. Most importantly it also has a dashboard where you can review all your activity on the website.

Opinsy is a good example of combining the opinions with social. The new website is still in beta and users can sign up by invitation only.

Do try out Opinsy and drop in your comments.

Link: Opinsy