[How-To] Share your Facebook Photos on WordPress Blog

Facebook has become the place of interest for internet users to hang around, play games, network, share photos and more. It’s quite a common trend that everyone uploads their pictures on Facebook. If you are willing to show those photos on your WordPress powered blog, this is the right tutorial for you. 🙂

Get the Plugin

We will be using a plugin to implement the feature on the blog. Fotobook is a WordPress plugin that will link to your Facebook account and import all of your photo albums into a page on your WordPress installation. It makes use of Facebook’s API so importing your photos is a breeze.
You can download the plugin here

Configure the plugin

Install the plugin from the admin section. and activate the plugin.
Once you activate the plugin, you can see something like in the following screenshot.

Link to fotobook settings

Click on the link and you’ll be taken to the Fotobook Settings page.

Fotobook Settings Page

Step 1: Authenticate

This step asks you to login to your Facebook account. This is the step by which you allow the plugin to access your account and fetch the images and publish to your blog. Clicking on the link opens a pop-up window as below. Enter your login credentials and click the login button.

This will take you to the next step, that is grant access.

After this step, you may close the pop-up window and proceed to the step 2.
Step 2 : Get Permissions
This step asks you to grant access for your photos and videos associated with your Facebook account.
Once you allow the Fotobook plugin to do so, you can close the window and proceed to the next step.
Step 3: Apply Permissions
By clicking this, you apply all the steps done before and save the settings. Once you click Apply Permissions your Facebook account will be added and you can see something like below.


Import Photos to blog

This will take you to the next step which is shown below.

Clicking on Get Albums will fetch from your Facebook account and list all the albums related to your account. By this time, the plugin have created the exact replica of albums on your Facebook account. You can even hide the albums if you don’t want to show that specific album by clicking the hide link.

That’s it, you are done. You can now access the albums at http://yourblogdomain/photos
The plugin also allows you to display photos in 3 styles.

  1. Color box.
  2. Embedded.
  3. Lightbox.

Select the style and you are all set. Do drop in your comments.


SexyBookmarks – WordPress plugin to Share your Posts on Social Networks

This useful plugin allows you to add a stylish-looking social bookmarking menu to your blog. By installing this plugin, you can share your posts on various social networks including Gmail,Yahoo Mail, Buzzster! amongst other networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Plugin setup :

  1. Go to the SexyBookmarks plugin page and click on Download.
  2. For a complete guide on installing plugins, read our How to Install WP Plugins guide.
  3. Activate the plugin from the plugins menu of your blog.
  4. wpveda sexybookmarks3

  5. Under the Settings tab of your WordPress blog, click on the SexyBookmarks(by Shareaholic) option to edit the settings of your plugin.
  6. wpveda sexybookmarks4

  7. Now select your favorite social networks that you want to be shown with your post.
  8. wpveda sexybookmarks1

  9. Edit other settings such as Plugin Aesthetics and Menu Placement
  10. wpveda sexybookmarks5

  11. Click on Save Changes.
  12. wpveda sexybookmarks6

  13. Now you can go back to your blog to view the plugin in action. It would look something as below:
  14. wpveda sexybookmarks7

Do drop in your views and opinions about this plugin through your comments below.

LINK: SexyBookmarks


Superman’s Social network Nightmare-Facebook!

Yes, did you imagine what Facebook can do? Have a look at the image below. 🙂


As we all know Clark Kent was the real name behind Superman. In the image above we can see what superman is afraid of. His profile was named with his real name, and he too had a Facebook account. Guess what he got busted. 🙂

People got to know his real name and hence the postings and fake photos and everything. Hah! It may seem funny, but if we see it in today’s world, this is real. People are having fake profiles, being hacked on Facebook, serious bad messages and all are very common these days. When someone who is quite famous makes a profile, he is afraid of being stalked by many.

What do you think people should do? Do share your thoughts with me. 🙂


Facebook is the Fastest Social Network

Yes, you read it right. Now it has been declared that Facebook is the fastest social network around the world, YouTube being second and Linkedln being third.


According to a survey conducted by Alertsite , Facebook’s home page was the fastest to load among other social networking sites. It was noted that between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, Facebook’s homepage took 1.06 seconds to load.

YouTube came second taking 1.36 seconds to load, whereas Linkdln took 1.70 seconds. Twitter came in fourth taking 2.76 seconds to load. Regarding availability, Facebook came 5th with 99.81%. YouTube is the best there with 99.99% availability.

So, what should be done to improve the availability of this site? 🙂 Share your views with me through the comments below.


BuddyPress-Kaltura Media Component

Important: There is a major update. Please check updated BuddyPress-Media here.


This BuddyPress component integrates Kaltura open-source video platform seamlessly. This component adds missing media rich features like photos, videos and audios uploading to BuddyPress which are essential if you are building social network, seriously!



As of now in first release of this plugin following features are supported. (please see screenshots section for visuals)

  1. Buddypress user gets a media menu.
  2. They can upload video, images and audio files seamlessly to their profiles. (Data will be stored on the Kaltura server by default. You can use your own server as an alternative.)
  3. All kaltura-data uploaded by a user will be visible to other users.
  4. Data will be organized into video, images and audio automatically.
  5. Buddypress users wont need separate Kaltura account to use media-rich features added by this component.
  6. Only Buddypress (Wordpess MU) admin need Kaltura partner ID. All user data will be associate with admin’s kaltura partner account.
  7. A local database at buddypress installation keeps track of which user is uploading which files, which further deals with data-separation on per member basis.
  8. Widget support for recently added pictures/videos (only available for BuddyPress 1.1.x)


  • WordPress MU 2.8.4a
  • Buddypress 1.0.x OR Buddypress 1.1.x

Download: Download Code | Documentation in PDF | Live Demo


Installation of the component is same as other buddypress components.

  1. Download component source code and unzip it.
  2. Upload “rt-bp-kaltura-plugin” directory into WordPress plugins directory i.e. “wp-content/plugins”.
  3. Upload “rt-bp-kaltura-theme” directory into “wp-content/bp-themes/bp-members” directory. bp-members” is the default BuddyPress members theme. If you are using your own customized theme substitute its folder name in-place of “bp-members” in path.
  4. Go to Dashboard >> Plugins menu and activate “Buddypress-Kaltura Media Component”
  5. Go to Dashboard >> Settings >> Kaltura Settings and enter your Kaltura account settings there.

To-Do List:

Below is list of features you will see in upcoming versions. If you need any specific feature, please use comment form below. We will try our best to add it to our list. If you need paid support or paid customizations, contact us.

  1. Privacy Controls – All uploaded data is be viewable by all users. There is privacy control supported in this version.
  2. Album support – All photos as of now goes into single, global album.
  3. Commenting – As of now you can not comment directly on a users’ media content.
  4. Caching Support – Even though we find Kaltura platform very robust and reliable, it wont hurt have local (buddypress server-side cache). After all what the use of those attractive “unlimited webhosting plans”! 😉

Support this component

If you find this component useful, please consider making a donation. Even this plugin is developed by a startup company, we need your support to release future updates in less time.


Kaltura Settings & Kaltura CE Support
Uploading Photos, Videos and Audio | BuddyPress Kaltura
Photo Gallery | BuddyPress Kaltura

Friends Media Page | BuddyPress Kaltura
Video Viewing | BuddyPress Kaltura

Download: Download Code | Documentation in PDF | Live Demo

Developed by: Kapil Gonge (rtCamp)