SexyBookmarks – WordPress plugin to Share your Posts on Social Networks

This useful plugin allows you to add a stylish-looking social bookmarking menu to your blog. By installing this plugin, you can share your posts on various social networks including Gmail,Yahoo Mail, Buzzster! amongst other networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Plugin setup :

  1. Go to the SexyBookmarks plugin page and click on Download.
  2. For a complete guide on installing plugins, read our How to Install WP Plugins guide.
  3. Activate the plugin from the plugins menu of your blog.
  4. wpveda sexybookmarks3

  5. Under the Settings tab of your WordPress blog, click on the SexyBookmarks(by Shareaholic) option to edit the settings of your plugin.
  6. wpveda sexybookmarks4

  7. Now select your favorite social networks that you want to be shown with your post.
  8. wpveda sexybookmarks1

  9. Edit other settings such as Plugin Aesthetics and Menu Placement
  10. wpveda sexybookmarks5

  11. Click on Save Changes.
  12. wpveda sexybookmarks6

  13. Now you can go back to your blog to view the plugin in action. It would look something as below:
  14. wpveda sexybookmarks7

Do drop in your views and opinions about this plugin through your comments below.

LINK: SexyBookmarks

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