BuddyPress-Kaltura Media Component

Important: There is a major update. Please check updated BuddyPress-Media here.


This BuddyPress component integrates Kaltura open-source video platform seamlessly. This component adds missing media rich features like photos, videos and audios uploading to BuddyPress which are essential if you are building social network, seriously!



As of now in first release of this plugin following features are supported. (please see screenshots section for visuals)

  1. Buddypress user gets a media menu.
  2. They can upload video, images and audio files seamlessly to their profiles. (Data will be stored on the Kaltura server by default. You can use your own server as an alternative.)
  3. All kaltura-data uploaded by a user will be visible to other users.
  4. Data will be organized into video, images and audio automatically.
  5. Buddypress users wont need separate Kaltura account to use media-rich features added by this component.
  6. Only Buddypress (Wordpess MU) admin need Kaltura partner ID. All user data will be associate with admin’s kaltura partner account.
  7. A local database at buddypress installation keeps track of which user is uploading which files, which further deals with data-separation on per member basis.
  8. Widget support for recently added pictures/videos (only available for BuddyPress 1.1.x)


  • WordPress MU 2.8.4a
  • Buddypress 1.0.x OR Buddypress 1.1.x

Download: Download Code | Documentation in PDF | Live Demo


Installation of the component is same as other buddypress components.

  1. Download component source code and unzip it.
  2. Upload “rt-bp-kaltura-plugin” directory into WordPress plugins directory i.e. “wp-content/plugins”.
  3. Upload “rt-bp-kaltura-theme” directory into “wp-content/bp-themes/bp-members” directory. bp-members” is the default BuddyPress members theme. If you are using your own customized theme substitute its folder name in-place of “bp-members” in path.
  4. Go to Dashboard >> Plugins menu and activate “Buddypress-Kaltura Media Component”
  5. Go to Dashboard >> Settings >> Kaltura Settings and enter your Kaltura account settings there.

To-Do List:

Below is list of features you will see in upcoming versions. If you need any specific feature, please use comment form below. We will try our best to add it to our list. If you need paid support or paid customizations, contact us.

  1. Privacy Controls – All uploaded data is be viewable by all users. There is privacy control supported in this version.
  2. Album support – All photos as of now goes into single, global album.
  3. Commenting – As of now you can not comment directly on a users’ media content.
  4. Caching Support – Even though we find Kaltura platform very robust and reliable, it wont hurt have local (buddypress server-side cache). After all what the use of those attractive “unlimited webhosting plans”! 😉

Support this component

If you find this component useful, please consider making a donation. Even this plugin is developed by a startup company, we need your support to release future updates in less time.


Kaltura Settings & Kaltura CE Support
Uploading Photos, Videos and Audio | BuddyPress Kaltura
Photo Gallery | BuddyPress Kaltura

Friends Media Page | BuddyPress Kaltura
Video Viewing | BuddyPress Kaltura

Download: Download Code | Documentation in PDF | Live Demo

Developed by: Kapil Gonge (rtCamp)

97 replies on “BuddyPress-Kaltura Media Component”

    1. @qafro
      You can use self-hosted KalturaCE. This plugin will work great with it.
      It needs one-two changes in code which I will ask Kapil (Lead developer) to document soon.

    1. Hi Mike H,
      BuddyPress 1.5+ has WordPress native embeds functionality. So users can directly embed YouTube videos into their activity streams and group forum etc. without using any plugin.

  1. Another social media/site must: User tagging in photos a la Facebook. It promotes engagement within the community (something that works nicely with the commenting feature you mention being added

  2. @Mike H
    User can upload videos from Youtube, Kaltura, Metacafe, Myspace etc and from your webcam too!
    Photos can be uploaded from Flickr, Kaltura, Photobucket and NYPL.
    Audio uploads are also supported!
    And even user can share uploaded videos, photos etc with as many as 14 platforms like Facebook, Blogger, iGoogle, Myspace etc.
    Overall it satisfies almost every “media” need.
    This is a basic component and more features are coming soon! 🙂

  3. Perfect. Thanks! I’m actually surprised something like this isn’t in the buddypress core…it seems to be ESSENTIAL to good social site.

  4. I second that kaltura CE motion…just looking to find out where I can change the kaltura server URL in the code to self-host. Thanks.

  5. Hey there,

    your plugin doesn´t work with newest version of buddypress (1.1.2), right?
    I got a Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class KalturaAdminUser in /data/www/kunden/home/web31/html/schaemdich/wp-content/plugins/rt-bp-kaltura-plugin/lib-kaltura/KalturaClient.php on line 308

    Will your plugin work on this bp-version next weeks?

    Thanks for your work!

    1. @Daniel
      Compatibility with BuddyPress 1.1.x will be completed within 3-4 days.
      Its almost done and we are doing some final testing and giving codes finishing touch.
      You can subscribe to our RSS feed OR email newsletter for updates.

  6. It doesnt show youtube as available to upload video, actually it not listed at all under video once I installed it?

    1. BuddyPress 1.5+ has WordPress native embeds functionality. So users can directly embed YouTube videos into their activity streams and group forum etc. without using any plugin.

  7. @Jay
    This issue has been discussed on Kaltura Forum.
    Good Part of it is,when you fetch KCW (the upload flash wizard) from KalturaCE, you will get “Youtube” tab.
    This component supports KalturaCE as a self-hosted version of Kaltura’s Open Source Online Video Platform.

  8. I installed your plugin, and, despite the great job you’ve done, I think there’s a serious lack of information from the media uploaded by my users stored in my database. I checked the table ” wp_bp_rt_media “, and all there is is the ID of the entry, but no title or other descriptive text about it, that I’m pretty sure the user had to type. You could include that in a future update, please!
    Another thing that bothers me is that, when a user finishes uploading, when you press the button “Finish”, nothing happens. Anyway to fix this?

    1. I have the exact same problem. I need more information back than just the entry id when the wizard finishes. And I really wish when done the wizard would just reset itself. The Finish button is useless to me.

  9. I did try and install the KalturaCE with no luck. I understand you offer a service to install this? Where can I find the information on this, I did email support but have not received a response. Youtube support is a feature my users are requesting

  10. Hi, I just created a blog for one of my users, and when I try to see it, I get this nasty error:
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/16/4790816/html/young/wordpress-mu/wp-content/plugins/rt-bp-kaltura-plugin/rt-bp-kaltura-cssjs.php:58) in /home/content/16/4790816/html/young/wordpress-mu/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 865
    The link:
    If I deactivate your plugin, the error disapears. What’s wrong?

  11. @Eduardo H.
    I have fixed the bug in Development Version.
    Please specify which WPMU/BP version you are using. So its easy for us to reproduce bugs/errors and save time…

  12. Hi, I get this error in activation step: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘)’, expecting ‘(‘ in /membri/testcb/wp-content/plugins/rt-bp-kaltura-plugin/rt-bp-kaltura-templatetags.php on line 120

    Please help me

  13. @qafro
    As of now, individual user can upload media files with ‘Title’ and ‘Tag’ @ the time of uploading files from KCW (upload flash widget).

  14. 1. Does the plugin report actions to the Site Wide Activity table e.g. “John uploaded a picture” and 2. is it safe to assume that when you add commenting, the same will be reported e.g. “John commented on Jane’s picture” and so on. 3. Will Facebook-like user tagging be added at some point (a great benefit to promoting engagement. By that I mean, any user clicks ‘tag user’ and can click on faces and identify as another user in the system or add a new name. Thanks

  15. Hi, I just saw you answered me, @Kapil. I’ll try the new update and tell you how it worked. By the way, I’m using both latest versions of Buddypress and WP-MU. Bye!

  16. @Eduardo H.
    Please check development version here.
    Development Version link is available unber “Other Versions”.
    Current Stable Version is 1.1

  17. @Michael Pratt
    We are still working on commenting the media content and your both(1st two) inputs are considered… 😉
    Regarding photo tagging (as you have mentioned it earlier as well) would be a grate feature to add…we are looking @it!

  18. I am also getting this error when trying to activate:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘)’, expecting ‘(‘ in /home/mommysb2/public_html/wp-content/plugins/rt-bp-kaltura-plugin/rt-bp-kaltura-templatetags.php on line 120

    Please help. I have tried the latest stable version as well as the development. BP version 1.1.2

  19. I have installed this plugin on WordPressMU 2.7.1 and BuddyPress 1.0.3. Plugin shows the media components but when I click Upload then nothing is happening. Can anyone help on this please..

  20. Ok further to all the activations errors in a wordpress 2.8.6 and buddypress 1.1.2 I have narrowed the error down to every line that has a


    For example, it falls over on line 120;

    $ks = $client->session->start($secret, $partnerUserID, KalturaSessionType::USER);

    I comment that line out then falls over on line 240

    $ks = $client->session->start($admin_secret, $partnerUserID, KalturaSessionType::ADMIN);

    I keep commenting out the failed lines and it always then falls over on the next ::

    Hope that helps with a fix

  21. Great plugin !
    But when I try to activate it, I’m getting this error message :
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘)’, expecting ‘(’ in /home/mysite/wp-content/plugins/rt-bp-kaltura-plugin/rt-bp-kaltura-templatetags.php on line 120

    Could you help me please?
    I’m working with 1.1.2 Buddypress version

  22. have WP MU 2.8.6 and BuddyPress 1.1.2 I
    can “install” 1.1 version of Kaltura but can’t “see” it in my list of plugins, although it has been uploaded. When I try to activate it I am told it is missing via WPMU I am told the plugin is missing a valid header.

  23. I’m developing a WordPress/Buddypress site, have tried your plug-in. All goes well, except that the plugin pushes my main nav down to the bottom of the screen upon activation! Bizarre. I can upload a photo, but it doesn’t show up in my media folder (either online on kaldura.com or on my site). I deactivated for now, as it mainly makes the pages navigation almost impossible. Seen this before??

    Thanks for any help, eager to make this work!


  24. What about the add media icon that belongs on the add new post or page to the editor. I don’t have it. Mabey Im missing something?

    The remix module? where is it?


    Thats what I have been trying to do, can anyone help PLEASE!!!

  25. I’ve installed the dev version. I get a message that says “media pack successfully installed” but nothing shows on the site/profiles. If I try to type in the addy (/admin/media/) it redirects me to the home page.

  26. Hi There,

    Great plugin, can’t wait to get it working live on my WP MU site but I can’t like many others seem to get past activating it as it returns the following error;

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘)’, expecting ‘(‘ in /home/sites/mysite/public_html/blogs/wp-content/plugins/rt-bp-kaltura-plugin/rt-bp-kaltura-templatetags.php on line 120

    Can you advise of the relevant fix to the code, so it will let me activate please?


    WP MU 2.8.6
    BP 1.1.2


  27. Hello,
    Awesome plugin, but I can’t get it to work on my website =/ I’ve tried twice but I get the same error: after uploading and activating, all the website looks desorganized =S. It messes the profile and the main site. I don’t know why.

  28. Hi all,
    Apologies for late comments…
    I have tested it on WPMU 2.8.6, BP 1.1.2, BP 1.0.3 and latest BP 1.1.3 as well.
    My PHP Version is 5.2.9.
    But I am not able to reproduce Parse error.
    If possible, give me url.
    Plugin is retested on bp.rtcamp.us 😉

  29. Uff…
    Parse error occurred because of PHP4 as a class variable is accessed (on line 120 in file rt-bp-kaltura-templatetags.php as a function parameter) and PHP4 doesn’t like it.(Plz cross check php.net)
    …Use PHP5 for avoiding Parse error…Thanks a lot @Joe McCann for mentioning this!
    Had fun finding this 😉

  30. Hi Kapil,

    Regarding my first post above and your recent last two comments, I’ve looked in to what php version my host / server is running and it is 5.2.11, don’t know if this helps.

    However, from what I can see in your reply to anybody including me who has the same issue;

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘)’, expecting ‘(’ in /home/sites/mysite/public_html/blogs/wp-content/plugins/rt-bp-kaltura-plugin/rt-bp-kaltura-templatetags.php on line 120

    Can you please advise to newbies like me, exactly what your reply means further and how I can fix this issue.


  31. @Robert Stones
    Can you show me the error please? We would like to fix this error as soon as possible if its there with PHP5.

  32. @Robert Stones
    I have checked your comment regarding the Parse error already and couldn’t reproduce it. Apologies for misunderstanding… I meant to say will you please show error @ your site.

  33. @ kapil, can you send me your email addy then please, so I can set you up a temporary admin user, so you can take an in depth look at what’s happening.

    That is the only way I feel you can see any error at my site, I can’t show it live on my WP MU site, as it won’t activate so currently it can only be seen in the WP MU Admin.

    Email me;
    robert dot stones at shopfullstop dot co dot uk (dot = . at = @)


  34. I am getting exactly the same error as Daniel (http://wpveda.com/buddypress-kaltura-media-component/#comment-46). If I access a subpage (like voresvalg.nu/blog) I can avoid this error, though.

    However, that’s not the only problem. It seems that in Internet Explorer 8 it totally messes up the layouts. See for yourself at http://voresvalg.nu / http://voresvalg.nu/blog 🙁

    I am using WPMU 2.8.6 and Buddypress 1.1.3. I have tried switching off all other plugins, making a fresh install, switching to standard theme.

    Any idea as to what the reason might be?

    BTW you should update the installation instructions to fit the new folder structure of themes of the latest Buddypress version.

    Hoping that someone might be able to help me…


  35. @Robert Stones & @kapil

    Dear Kapil,

    I’m having the same problem as Robert said (Parse error rt-bp-kaltura-templatetags.php on line 120) when trying to activate Buddypress Kaltura component. My server is running under php 5.2.5.
    I’m using Kaltura video plugin for my wordpress blog (2.8.4) without problem.
    How can I fix this issue ?

    Thanks for your work.


  36. @ Kapil. I’m getting the same problems as Mikael Lemberg (layout in IE) and Misha (member profile). Also, audio section seems to be broken; I can go through the whole upload process but wind up with a “Feature will be added soon” message. I’d love to hire you to install Kaltura CE on my server (‘cuz I’m no tech-wiz and Kaltura’s storage limit is unacceptable) but I need assurance that these bugs are killed dead!

  37. Hi Kapil,
    I have installed kaltura plugin in my site, but it says “the page you are looking for is not been found”.
    How can I fix this problem? I am using buddypress 1.1.3 and wordpress mu 2.8.6.
    Thanks a lot…

  38. To everyone that is getting the messed up screen when you install this plug in. it is because of the rt_media_add_icon_css function in the rt-bp-kaltura-cssjs.php file. Lines 58-59.

    This function adds the little icon next to the word media in the members area.

    The problem is that when the function is called it places the style codes before the HTML tags on the page and blows up your css.

    They are in this file becuase the link to the icon is dynamically built.

    To fix this problem I simply copied the lines out to my custom.css file and hard coded the URLs to the icons. That fixes the problem.

    FYI – WP 2.8.6, BP 1.1.3

    On another note, even after I got the plug in working, i could not upload video. Pictures worked no problem, but videos would not upload. on the strange side, the videos said they uploaded, but they did not show up on the Kaltura server, nor was there a pointer in the DB.


  39. Hardly needed:
    1. rates (+) for content
    2. video/photo of the day/week
    3. gallery of the sitewide-video by albums, sitewide-photo by albums.

    IT could be GREAT

  40. it’s maybe a good job… but each time i enter my partener id password email… it just says partener id wrong…

    So i cannot test it

  41. This plugin is great! Thank you so much for all your work on it.

    A couple things:

    1) It doesn’t seem to work with the other Kaltura widget, which lets you put videos in blog posts. Having this one activated means I can’t activate the other one.

    2) Whenever I record a video from my webcam and click “finish” it says:
    “Add entry call failed” and then nothing seems to have happened. The video is in my Kaltura library, but doesn’t show up on my buddypress site.

    Thanks again!!


  42. Hi all, is this plugin compatible with BP 1.2? or it will be? and, in case, any preview of time?
    Thanks in advance

  43. Is there an ETA on a BP 1.2 compatible version? We are desperate to give it a shot! Even if it is a beta version.

  44. Does this plugin work with buddypress 1.2? it does not work in a bp1.2 with wordpress 2.9? can someone else corroborate this?

  45. I use wordpress mu and buddypress 1.2.I installed Kaltura Media Component.I can get the media options in the admin bar of bududdypress.I signed up and entered the code and installed it.It says that the installation is successfull.But when i click the Media options i cannot open them.It redirects to the profile page again.

    IS Kaltura Media Component compatible with buddypress 1.2??

  46. I have the plugin installed and used it to upload images. They upload fine, but do not show on my site. They do show if I log in at Kaltura, so they have actually uploaded.

    The ‘finish’ button does nothing and it is possible getting ‘stuck’ in the final process of saving the images to the site.


  47. I’ve installed this and all appears well but when users click on media they get “Page not found”. I’ve logged the issue in the forums but no response. I’ve registered with Kaltura (not KalturaCE, even though the settings insist on putting something in that field). I’m really frustrated because this is a basic feature that the users of my site (kids on a soccer team about to head out on a trip abroad) really want. I guess we’ll start a facebook group instead.

  48. Okay… one problem was that I hadn’t copyied the rt-bp-kaltura-theme directory from the download to the themes/bp-default directory. But I’ve also found that:

    1. if you’re in Canada, the kaltura server appears to be cdn.kaltura.com (Okay)

    2. I can upload files but the thumbs/links are broken and don’t work (although I can see them in my Kaltura control panel).

    Close, but no cigar (yet).


  49. i use buddypress downloaded the kaltura media component 1.2.x and i uploaded it.When i activated the plugin i get this message.
    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
    i cannot activate the plugin.Plz help me to solve this problem.

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