The Iconic Apple iPhone Turns 5 years Old

Steve Jobs walked onto the stage to introduce three new devices. The first one was a wide-screen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough internet communicator. As he explained to the audience that they were not three separate devices but a single one called the iPhone. He claimed that “Apple was […]

Today Apple’s iPod turns 10 [Video]

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, it was a company whose computers were over-priced and it was having serious challenges in the computer making business. Apple today is synonymous with the term ‘Post PC Era’ simply because they have moved away from the being computer makers towards making gadgets like iPod, iPhone and iPad tablets. […]

15 Inspirational quotes by Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs; one of the most inspiring person of the century left this world forever yesterday. But we will always remember him for his greatest innovations and most inspiring quotes. I feel that Apple Inc. will be directionless now and so will be the Google, Microsoft and other companies who used to copy Apple products. […]

[Infographic] Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs

The information technology world has been pretty much shaped by two industry giants. Bill Gates the man behind Microsoft and Steve Jobs the man behind Apple. Both have been often pitted against each other, very much like their respective companies have been. A few months ago we featured an infographic on Microsoft Vs. Apple. Now […]

Apple Loses it Colossus: Steve Jobs Quits as CEO

The story of Steve Jobs is almost cinematic. It is a long running saga of innovation, failures and one famous comeback to see almost unknown success, along with fighting cancer. Today, Apple announced that Steve Jobs their iconic leader is quitting the post of CEO. While their current COO – Tim Cook will become the […]