Official Biography of Steve Jobs to Release on October 24, 2011


Steve Jobs has truly been an inspirational figure in the tech world. He has been recognized as a qualified genius when it came to design and simplicity.

He may have quit Apple as CEO but his cult status remains absolutely untouched.

Millions have watched his videos and been awestruck by his ability to present and basically sell Apple gadgets to the world.

He has been called a genius, a perfectionist, eccentric and sometimes even ‘dictatorial’. But the man himself is very private about his life and not much is know about him.

Thankfully, an official biography will be available on 24th October, 2011.

The biography has is authored by Walter Isaacson (former CEO of CNN), who has had full collaboration from Steve Jobs since 2009, regarding the book.

The book is titled Steve Jobs: A Biography and you can go ahead and pre-order it from Amazon.

For the book, Isaacson has had over 40 interviews with Jobs. For research the author has also interviewed over a 100 of Job’s friends, family members and colleagues.

The book should provide a good peek into the person who surely has had seen and done some incredible things in life.

Link: Steve Jobs: A Biography