How to create solid color square box more effectively using filters in Photoshop

In this post we see how to create solid color box more effectively by using some filters. You can create this effect in simple four–five steps.

So here I show you the simple and unique box effect.

First create a new file in Photoshop. Create a solid color box in your work area you can take any color for box as you want.

The box is something as shown in the image below.

  • Here we see simple solid color box.
  • Now we go for our unique box effect
  • Select the box layer and look up Filter > Noise > Add Noise.  You can see this pallet as shown in image below.
  • I take Amount value – 5, and select Gaussian and keep Monochromatic on for this one.
  • You can change amount value or any more setting as per your preferences.

Now we have the image of the box with slight matting as seen below.

After that we can give some another filter effect to make our box more descent. Go to Filter > Brush Strokes > Angled Strokes and you can see this pallet.

Here I keep my pallet setting as below Direction – 50, Stroke Length – 15, Sharpness – 3. You can keep it as per your requirement. Here we got the more effective box image.

Now we are go for some more effect for border edges. For this one go once again to

Filter > Distort > Ripple and you can see this pallet. You can set it’s value amount as per your image requirement.

Here I take Amount value – -142 and size – Medium.

Here we convert our fine border in to Ripple edges. See the image below.

Now we give some more effect to this one for more descent look.

Go to Layer Style > Stroke set it as per your image requirement. Here I keep this one. See the image below.

We can give some shadow effect to it. It’s help the border to come out and be more defined. Our image looks more effective. Now here we can see how it looks.

Finally we got our unique square box image more effectively. Hope you people like it.

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sagar September 14, 2010

This is wonderful effect.
Realy cool……..

umesh September 14, 2010

thanks ……….dude! i hope you people like it.

Anshul September 14, 2010

Thanks Umeshk for sharing these tips. I always wanted to learn photoshop, and both the articles that you have written are easy to understand for newbies.
Great work keep it up 🙂

umesh September 14, 2010


Deepak September 14, 2010

your Brilient ,masters,role model for youths, creaters,
Great work & go ahed & take your chees…
bright future & keep it up, hard work,, no one can stop you …
take your own hights..
best luck ..

umesh September 17, 2010


Sheetal September 15, 2010

Yes it gives such a awesome effects.. cant make out only. Thanks alot umesh for sharing this with us

umesh September 17, 2010

I hope you people like this……….thanks.!

Vikas September 17, 2010

This is really good effects…