How to find who unfriend you on Facebook [without app]

Last week we told you that how you can Backup or Export all your Facebook contacts with their E-Mail using a Yahoo! account. If you missed it you can read it here. Exporting contacts is a part of this tutorial so you have to read it before proceeding further. The good thing about this method is that we are not using any kind of 3rd party application and hence there will be no spam or scam.

Requirements: You need a Facebook account and a separate Yahoo account for this tutorial.


  1. Follow the steps 1 to 4 of this tutorial: How to Backup/Export your Facebook contacts. After that all your Facebook contacts will also be there in your Yahoo! account with their E-Mails.

  2. This will create a Backup of your friends till that day. Now if you feel that someone deleted you, you can check it out by opening the page:

  3. On that page select Yahoo. Now enter your Yahoo E-Mail address that you used in Step 1 and click ‘Find Friends’. In this Step we are importing our contacts back to Facebook that we exported earlier.

  4. Now a Pop-Up will appear asking your permission to start importing contacts on Facebook. Click agree to begin.

Facebook who unfriend you










  1. After that it will take you back to the ‘find-friend’ window and will show you how many contacts are there who are on Facebook but not in your friend’s list. This is actually the list of the people who unfriend you (deleted you) from Facebook provided that there were no contacts in your Yahoo account before step 1. You can add them back by checking the box given with each profile else click ‘Skip’.

facebook who unfriend you-1













Check out the screenshot about, when I imported my Yahoo contacts it shows that I have 82 Yahoo! contacts on Facebook. That means a total of 82 people deleted me from their friend’s list from the day of my first Backup. Please make sure that you export your contacts time to time.

If you are stuck somewhere drop us a comment below. 🙂


Akshay Kakkar September 3, 2011

1) How to Backup/Export your Facebook contacts. – link pointing somewhere else (ur wp-admin page)

2) i think u can even disable this feature (ie facebook will not provide ur email id to ur friends when they create a backup.)

Sauravjit September 3, 2011

1. Fixed. Thanks for pointing out. 🙂
2. Facebook friends with their E-Mail ID will be exported to your Yahoo contacts. You cannot disable this feature.

Akshay Kakkar September 3, 2011

ok, got it.

but u can disable whether to include ur email in download or not>
go to account settings>general, on email, click edit. just above save changes, uncheck Allow friends to include my email address in Download Your Information.

Sauravjit September 3, 2011

Downloading information is different than exporting. 🙂

Bharath Mandava September 3, 2011

Nice article dude…will try this… 🙂

Sauravjit September 3, 2011

Thank you sir! 😀

Dnyanesh Mankar September 3, 2011

That’s a long cut. You can install Unfriend Finder userscript which is easy. I’ve been using it from quite sometime and it looks good.

Sauravjit September 3, 2011

See brother three things:

Firstly the post title clearly says that it’s a method without using any app or anything else.
Secondly this method isn’t long at all after the first Backup as you just have to import your contacts back to Facebook.
Thirdly it’s multipurpose. In case you delete this account and create another account you can add all your friends in just few clicks.
And finally you can’t use this script method in a browser other than Firefox, that would be more time consuming. Also Scripts make browser slow.
But still thanks for sharing this with our readers. 🙂