Follow Devils Workshop on New & Dedicated Twitter Account!

Sometime back, Rajat Arora and few other Devils Workshop readers suggested me to start a new dedicated twitter account for readers who like to follow Devils Workshop on twitter.

Now acting on their suggestion and because of my growing interest in twitter, I have created a new twitter account for Devils Workshop with id @devils_workshop.

So those who are following old account @rahul286 just for updates from Devils Workshop can now follow @devils_workshop.

Sorry for inconvinience. Thanks for twitter-love! πŸ˜‰

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Twitter explained in Plain English!

twitter logo I can remember, a year ago, when I was a budding blogger, I was completely annoyed looking twitter badges in each and every blog I visited. All blogs with some unique badges read "Follow us on twitter". I didn’t know what twitter was.. After few months, I was over whelmed to know what exactly it was that made every bloggers make use of it. After working on it for a fortnight or a month, I came to the conclusion – "Micro blogging". Twitter can be called as a "platform for micro blogging".

For instance, you want to know what exactly your friends are doing right now or vice versa. But it is not possible for your friends to mail you or blog about each and every thing they are doing.. It would be too time consuming and clumsy task. But twitter is a micro blogging platform where all such things can be made possible. You just need to open an account and start follow your friends, after that all their updates will be visible to you. It is like sending a group SMS to everyone who are in your network. Here you can post updates of upto 140 characters long and every one following you will be able to view those updates from you. The best part is that, unlike Instant messengers, there are several ways available to post messages (also called tweets) – from web, desktop clients (like Twhirl), mobile clients, SMS, etc. Initially you start with their website, later I’ll say about some good twitter clients.

So, if you believe us then just open an account at twitter and start following some friends. You will see that, within months, you too will be addicted to twitter. πŸ˜‰
To get started, you can follow DevilsWorkshop updates @rahul286 and my personal updates @deepakjain1989

For better understanding, you can have a look on this ‘How-to’ video by Leelefever.

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Tweeting in Indian languages made easy!

There’s no doubt that the use of twitter has increased rapidly in India. Even during the latest attacks in Mumbai, twitter was used as a source of news for many people in India and abroad, there were even rumors that news channels in the main stream followed twitter for updating scrolling news on their channels. Well, let us come to the point and discuss on how to tweet in different Indian languages. By following this tutorial, you can send tweets in different languages like Hindi, Kannad, Telugu, Tamil, etc..

Recently Prashanth from has created a small Greasemonkey based script that would embed Google Indic Transliteration into your tweeter page making it easier for you to tweet in different languages.


In the screenshot above, you can clearly see that a new option "Show Indic Trans" has been added. Now you need to select your preferred language and write your text on the window. After that just copy the text in the actual twitter window and you are done! For getting this option in your twitter window too, you need to install Twitter Indic Trans script on your Greasemonkey enabled Firefox browser. For step by step installation guide visit this page.

If you are familiar with twitter then just give it a try and let us know how you feel tweeting in different languages.

Links: Step by step installation guide.


How twitter became the ultimate news source for Mumbai attack

#mumbai All my family members set glued to TV sets to view coverage on the Mumbai attacks, but not me. I found that Twitter worked faster than anything else. For those who don’t know what Twitter is, I’ll tell you about it some other day. Well, it was even reported that TV channels used the hash tag #Mumbai to get scrolling messages for their channels. says "Mumbai attacks: Twitter and flickr used to break news". Even I found #Mumbai tag on twitter was working really awesome and faster than any other news channels on the main stream. Even at this point of time ( 7:30 A.M. IST ) I can see a lot of tweeters, tweeting live from various places and sharing their experience about the Mumbai incident. Just a couple of seconds ago I got a tweet that another blast has occurred, but there isn’t any such information on TV yet..

taj attack

Another hash tag #mumbaifamilies was created for people who want to know about their relatives residing in Mumbai. As asked by many of my friends, you too may think that twitter is no way official and may distort the news. To this point, I’ll say that to a wrong tweet, there are hundreds of tweeters to correct them. So I think twitter can be believed and so does some news agencies too. Many tweeters even posted links to their photo stream with a lots of pics of those disastrous scenes. For instance @Vinu put many photos on his flickr stream. I found many social activists too on twitter popping in with tweets about latest happenings there, one among them is @dina who also reported for the CNN International as a citizen reporter.

There were even rumors that Indian govt. is planning either to ban twitter or ask them to block Mumbai related tweets as this may help those terrorist get vital information. But yet with any such official information. If you are also excited to know about the happenings at Mumbai you can check out Mumbai’s hash tag #Mumbai.


p align=”justify”>Links: #Mumbai | #MumbaiFamilies | List of dead or injured


5 WordPress Plugins for Social Bookmarking/Networking

Today I will post about plugins which will help your blog spread via social networking/bookmarking services. I personally think socializing aspect is more important than direct SEO, which I will discuss in tomorrows post.

Social plugins allow your blog visitor to spread a word about your blog posts. As this is what they say mouth-to-mouth publicity, its impact will be greater. Also links spreads naturally ranks good compared to evil SEO tactics.

So here is list of social plugins…

1. Sociable Plugin

This plugin automatically add links on your posts to popular social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Technorati, Facebook, etc. You can choose any number of social sites from almost 100 networking sites.

You can also choose on which types of pages social sites icons to be shown. I selected full-posts & static pages. There is an option to put this buttons in RSS feed too. There are few advance options like “open in new window”.

You can see live example of this plugin on this blogs’ posts. There is a “share and enjoy” section after post content which is courtesy this plugin.

Link: Sociable by Joost de Valk

2. ShareThis Plugin

This plugin provides a simple way for users to add your post to many social bookmarking sites, or to send your post link via email, AIM, Facebook, MySpace and more.

It can be good alternative for above plugin with added option to track sharing stats.

I really have no good reason for not using this plugin. So check both and use one which you like more.

Link: ShareThis Plugin by Alex King & ShareThis

3. WP Conditional Digg This Badge plugin

There are many Digg plugins thanks to popularity of Digg. But one I like is WP Conditional Digg This Badge plugin. This plugin check if a post have enough Digg (default 10 Diggs) before showing Digg This button. I think this approach is nice as your is most likely to Digg a post with higher Diggs beforehand. Also this avoid showing Digg This button on each post which some visitors find annoying.

If you do not want to clutter your post pages at all then stick to one of above two plugins. They both support sharing via Digg.

Link:WP Conditional Digg This Badge by Brian Rock

4. Twitter Tools

This plugin allows you to automatically post a tweet to your twitter account whenever a new post is published. if you like twitter then you can use other options like sidebar widget included in plugin to show recent twitter updates in sidebar.

If you just want to use auto tweets for new post part, better use twitterfeed service.

Many top bloggers use dedicated twitter accounts for their blog posts. Even I will soon start this for Devils Workshop, as suggested by Rajat Arora

Link: Twitter Tools by Alex King

5. WP_LinkTools

You can use this plugin to add your newly published post to automatically. There are few more options which I really don’t find useful. I use tweetmarks service to achieve similar goals.

But using this plugin have one advantage. You can use post categories, tags, title as tags for links.

Link: WP_LinkTools by DCoda Ltd

If you use a really good plugin which you think must be included in this list, please let us know via comments.

Thanks. I will post more about SEO plugins tomorrow… πŸ™‚


Tweetmarks – Organize Twitter Links and Share them on Automatically!

Tweetmarks logoTweetmarks is a service to easily organize links you share on Twitter. This service is from same guys who created TweetBeep, a Google Alert like service for Twitter.

Like their earlier service, this also provides you with plenty of options. Most interesting is one where Tweetmarks add your links to account automatically.

Tweetmarks is like for twitter. On their homepage you can see links shared over twitter. You can tweetmark links that interests you. This is same like people save other bookmark on There is a separate Popular Tweetmarks section where you can see what links are popular with Twitter users. There is also a search engine to search tweetmarks!

If you are wondering about links you already shared on twitter then tweetmarks can add all of your links back through April 2008.

Link: Tweetmarks

<p></p>    <p></p>    <p></p>    <p></p>    <p></p>    <p></p>    <p></p>    <p></p>    <p><strong>Related: </strong><a href="">TweetBeep – Google Alerts for Twitter</a></p>

TweetBeep – Google Alerts for Twitter!

image Google Alert is a service which let you subscribe to email notifications for any keyword on the web. On similar lines, using TweetBeep you can subscribe to any keyword on twitters public timeline.

This is useful if you are interested in knowing who is tweeting about you, your company, your domain or anything of your interest.

Creating account is very simple and once its done you can add unlimited alerts for any keywords or domains. Domain link alerts works even if they are shortened by a service like TinyUrl.

You can automatically ignore alerts from your own twitter account. Also replies to your twitter username (ex. @rahul286) can be ignored while subscribing to alerts of your own username.

One more thing… you can also monitor tweets of a particular twitter user for any keywords!

If you are on twitter you will enjoy this.

Link: TweetBeep 

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Claim Your Twitter Page as A Blog On Technorati [New Feature]

It has been while, since team has technorati made it to news. Seems they noticed it too and now started indexing twitter pages. This means you can claim your twitter page like a normal blog on technorati.

Twitter indeed is a kind of micro-blogging, and so twitter pages on technorati will have authority, favorites, reactions and other stuff just like a normal blog.

Steps To Add Your Twitter Page To Technorati Account….

  • Log into your technorati account.
  • Go to blog tab under My Account section. (link)
  • Type your twitter page URL to start claim process. (e.g.

Technorati - Claim a blog-2.jpg

Once claimed you can add description and tags for your twitter blog. I don’t know how technorati will make use of tags added for twitter pages, as small tweets do not have facility to tag them.

Also as most links on twitter are shared via tinyurl, tweets about your blog posts will not help increase your blogs authority (technorati ranking).

Anyway there seem a rush on technorati to claim twitter pages, as I got following server error page when I first clicked “Begin Claim” button. But it worked just after refresh. πŸ™‚

Technorati is borked right now!!.jpg

(via: Fun Filled Blog)