Claim Your Twitter Page as A Blog On Technorati [New Feature]

It has been while, since team has technorati made it to news. Seems they noticed it too and now started indexing twitter pages. This means you can claim your twitter page like a normal blog on technorati.

Twitter indeed is a kind of micro-blogging, and so twitter pages on technorati will have authority, favorites, reactions and other stuff just like a normal blog.

Steps To Add Your Twitter Page To Technorati Account….

  • Log into your technorati account.
  • Go to blog tab under My Account section. (link)
  • Type your twitter page URL to start claim process. (e.g.

Technorati - Claim a blog-2.jpg

Once claimed you can add description and tags for your twitter blog. I don’t know how technorati will make use of tags added for twitter pages, as small tweets do not have facility to tag them.

Also as most links on twitter are shared via tinyurl, tweets about your blog posts will not help increase your blogs authority (technorati ranking).

Anyway there seem a rush on technorati to claim twitter pages, as I got following server error page when I first clicked “Begin Claim” button. But it worked just after refresh. 🙂

Technorati is borked right now!!.jpg

(via: Fun Filled Blog)


Johnson May 9, 2008

i think you made some mistakes while giving hyperlink for [via: Fun Filled Blog] 😉

Rahul Bansal May 9, 2008

Sorry for mistake… 🙁
Corrected it now… 🙂

Johnson May 9, 2008

cool 🙂

i think u removed the gravtar and held for moderation function from comments 😮

can i ask y ? 😕

Rahul Bansal May 9, 2008

Gravtar is accidentally disabled. Will correct it soon.
N yeah I have changed moderation setting so people who already have previously approved comment will be treated as white-list. Means comment from them will not be moderated anymore…
Testing this from 2 months… working fine till now! 🙂

Dnyanesh Mankar November 22, 2008

Technorati now does’nt allow to claim twitter pages. Take a look at this and please update your post:

“What does Technorati consider as a blog?
We do NOT consider the following as Blogs:

•Forums, social networks, chat streams, web pages or standalone feeds.
•Aggregation Sites that are aggregation of blogs or posts from other blogs, planet sites, feed splicers, etc. However, each blog can be indexed individually under its original blog URL.
•Standalone Feeds: Technorati indexes blogs via the blog home page with assistance of feeds only
•Permalinks: please do not ping with your permalink URLs “

Rahul Bansal November 25, 2008

@Dnyanesh Mankar
Well they didnt specify anything about twitter explicitly.
Also twitter is technically micro-blogging platform so twitter pages are blog itself.