Tweeting in Indian languages made easy!

There’s no doubt that the use of twitter has increased rapidly in India. Even during the latest attacks in Mumbai, twitter was used as a source of news for many people in India and abroad, there were even rumors that news channels in the main stream followed twitter for updating scrolling news on their channels. Well, let us come to the point and discuss on how to tweet in different Indian languages. By following this tutorial, you can send tweets in different languages like Hindi, Kannad, Telugu, Tamil, etc..

Recently Prashanth from has created a small Greasemonkey based script that would embed Google Indic Transliteration into your tweeter page making it easier for you to tweet in different languages.


In the screenshot above, you can clearly see that a new option "Show Indic Trans" has been added. Now you need to select your preferred language and write your text on the window. After that just copy the text in the actual twitter window and you are done! For getting this option in your twitter window too, you need to install Twitter Indic Trans script on your Greasemonkey enabled Firefox browser. For step by step installation guide visit this page.

If you are familiar with twitter then just give it a try and let us know how you feel tweeting in different languages.

Links: Step by step installation guide.


Bapun March 16, 2009

Cool.. now lets tweet in desi way!

shan November 24, 2009

This site provides a easy way to tweet in 15 Indian languages