8 Reasons why Facebook is loosing it’s popularity

Facebook Inc., world’s number one social networking website is still top on the lists of Social networking websites but it’s loosing it’s popularity rapidly. And no one is responsible for this except the design team of Facebook which introduced some disastrous new features which we definitely didn’t like. There are few reasons posted below due […]

How to Add your Blogposts to Facebook Automatically

As facebook is growing day by day, webmasters has found it as an gigantic source of visitors. You can easily promote your blog and get plenty of hits, just by posting it’s link on your facebook wall, which possibly may be read by a large community.

But, for me and probably for other fellow bloggers, it becomes very cumbersome to share each and every link on facebook manually.

Join New Orkut community and get invites

We have seen a phenomenol response to the New Orkut Invites give aways we announced on our blog. Most people who have used the New Orkut have not really complained about the format. We can safely say New Orkut is a hit. But there are still many comments and requests for invites. We have good […]