Join New Orkut community and get invites

We have seen a phenomenol response to the New Orkut Invites give aways we announced on our blog. Most people who have used the New Orkut have not really complained about the format. We can safely say New Orkut is a hit. But there are still many comments and requests for invites. We have good news for you! šŸ™‚

If you want New Orkut invite, all you have to do is join the official Get the New Orkut community. They have recently announced that anyone joining the community will get the invite to try the new Orkut.

The Community is run by Poppy and Shashi who are self confessed Orkut-Crazy Googlers. It is moderated and so you might have to wait a day for your application to become a member of the community.


So what are you waiting for? Go ahead be a part of this community and get invited to try the new Orkut.


Nitesh November 11, 2009


Aditya Kane November 19, 2009

@all: I do not have Orkut invites, join their official community and you will get an invite form the community itself.

harish November 11, 2009

PLz…Send Me invite….

Navneet November 12, 2009

plz send me invitation for new orkut..

Tamil November 12, 2009

Plz send me the invitation….

jenson November 12, 2009

plz send me de new orkut invite….

Rafeeq Ahmed November 13, 2009

invite me pls….

pranjil November 13, 2009

hiiiiiiiii plz give me a invite

pranjil November 13, 2009

hiiiiiiiiii plz give me request

anish November 14, 2009

send me invite plzzzzzzzzzz

ayush dubey November 14, 2009

hay plzzzz invite me with the request !

ayush dubey November 14, 2009

hay plzz rply with the request!

ayush dubey November 14, 2009

hay plzz repli me with request!

danish siddiqui November 14, 2009

plz snd me invitation!!!!!!

diwakar November 14, 2009

hiiiiiiiiii plz give me request

Aravinth kumar November 15, 2009

Hi Please send new orkut invitation

nishad November 15, 2009

i did’t got pls invite me

mukul November 16, 2009

hiiiiiiiii help me 2 join new orkut version

deb November 16, 2009

hi frnds please invite me to join the new orkut

arpit November 17, 2009

plz send me an invitation 2 join new orkut

roshan November 18, 2009

plz invite me for new orkut

santosh mittal November 19, 2009

snd me d initation

Satyajit November 19, 2009

Please send my the invitation for new orkut.

Pulkit November 22, 2009

Heyyyy… Plz send me a request to join the new orkut
i m very excited for that…

Bhagyasri November 22, 2009

please send me invitation for new orkut

angel November 22, 2009

plz invite me…….

vaibhav November 27, 2009

please sent me invitation

ravindra mahilange December 6, 2009

please send me invitation for new orkut….

narendar December 8, 2009

IT is greatfor me to join this community

meenu December 9, 2009

how to get new orkut pls invite me new version

Aditya Kane December 16, 2009

as I mentioned in the post, join the community and within a day or two you should get a new orkut invite.

farwa December 14, 2009

plllllllllzZz snd me an inVitati0on


Ankur Ahuja December 17, 2009

plzzzzzzz send me in vitation of new orkut

kamal December 27, 2009

plzz invite me for new orkut

aman December 27, 2009

please send mean invitation

Basayya January 5, 2010

Hi friends, im not getting how to join new orkut.can u help me

footsetps 2wards hell February 15, 2010

plzzzz plzzzzz plzzzzz send meah da new orkut version!!!!!!

teeya May 22, 2010

plzz send the new orkut invities..

silver surfer June 12, 2010

pls send me invaitation. i m too much interested to use it.

silver surfer June 12, 2010

pls add me. i m very much interested to face new orkut

Priyanlka August 23, 2011

send me invites

Aditya Kane August 23, 2011

You need to share this post on Twitter. Once you do that, we will sent Invite for Quora. Do let me know if you have any questions. šŸ™‚