8 Reasons why Facebook is loosing it’s popularity

facebook boredFacebook Inc., world’s number one social networking website is still top on the lists of Social networking websites but it’s loosing it’s popularity rapidly. And no one is responsible for this except the design team of Facebook which introduced some disastrous new features which we definitely didn’t like. There are few reasons posted below due to which Facebook is loosing it’s popularity, don’t forget to add yours.

1. New Facebook Chat Design:

One of the most recently launched and most hated change is the new chat box design. In this new fb chat, it’s compulsory to keep a chat sidebar opened while chatting with somebody which makes the whole Facebook page smaller. Earlier it was a very clean section with just the name of friends and an on going chat window which can be minimized.

2. New Photo Viewer:

Opening a temporary tab for watching a picture on Facebook is what Facebook called it’s new theater photo viewer which is again not liked by most of the Facebook users. Thought it’s much more convenient to see pictures with this new way but still it resulted into a depressing black colored window and some bugs with Facebook design.

3. This Friend Request can’t be sent:

The worst and most annoying feature of Facebook is the new policy due to which we can’t send friend requests to strangers. Well, if we can’t add strangers what’s the use of Social networking then. And what if I meet a new person and wanna add him/her on Facebook but I can’t cuz I don’t have a mutual friend on Facebook. Read more about it here.

4. Fake profiles:

The same reason why Orkut lost it’s popularity, people started making so many fake profiles of users of Facebook and even the reporting system sucks. There are thousands of fake profiles on Facebook used for spamming or promoting abusive content and Facebook is doing nothing for it. And even if Facebook is taking serious actions against fake profiles, what about these users on our website?

5. Bad privacy policy:

Facebook is a social networking website known for it’s good privacy policy, but we’re not anymore sure about this thing specially when Facebook started recommending it’s users to keep their profile photos open. Also the privacy features are so confusing, there’s always something that user couldn’t figure out and keep that data unprotected.

6. Bad theme/design changes:

The best Facebook design was the one Facebook was using at the time of it’s launch. After that each change in design resulted into a new community page on Facebook which says “we need the older Facebook back”. Most of the changes in design was to make the page lighter and consume lesser bandwidth and hence lesser cost of running the website. Also there some minor changes like making the font of statuses smaller e.t.c which users didn’t like.

7. Errors and Bugs:

Sometimes our profile isn’t available and sometimes Facebook is not able to process our request. We have seen so many bugs in the past one year may be due to the changes in it’s design or due to excess of profiles.

8. Spam:

Last thing but not the lease, Spam on Facebook is spreading like a fire in jungle. ‘Like this page to see this video’, ‘Like it to see who viewed your profile’, ‘Like it and see girl changing clothes’, ‘Facebook new version’, there are so many ways by which spammers started spamming on Facebook and mainly it target users by using Facebook pages. And what Facebook does in return is to block the links that a normal user is sharing.

Facebook should really do some changes else we have a new option of using Google+ 😉

Did I miss any point that you don’t like about Facebook? Do post it in the comments section. 🙂