[Webmaster Tip] Add New Users to Google Webmaster Tools

As a website owner or webmaster chances are that you use Google’s Webmaster Tool for better analysis of your website. But maintaining a website is increasingly becoming a collaborative effort. Recently Google Websmaster Tools allowed website owners to add users. This allows them more than one person access to webmaster diagnosis of a particular website. Adding […]

How To Add Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Central

Do you want your blog on Blogger get listed on Google Search? For that you first need to submit a Sitemap to Google through Google Webmaster Central Tool. For those who don’t know what a sitemap really is, it is a file(.xml, etc.) containing all the links available on your website/blog which helps a Search Engine […]

Perform DNS lookup from 34 different location checkpoints

In a previous posts I had written about a web service with which you can check if a website has any downtime and send you an email notification which can be quite handy for webmasters getting notified about a website’s downtime. Here is another service which will be really helpful for webmasters to carry out a DNS lookup from over 34 locations worldwide.

How To Optimize Your Website For Printers Using A Separate Stylesheet

First of all I would like to explain what I mean by Optimizing a website for Printing using following screenshot. Optimizing a website for printing means removing the extra stuff like logos, forms, navigation links, advertising, blog rolls, flash widgets, etc from the website while printing and give a clean preview of your website. We […]