[Windows Tip] Select Which Applications You Want to Run During Startup!

If you are running a lot of software on your Windows platform, it must be irritating to see some of these software running once the computer is started. Some of them are useful, like Anti-Virus or Firewall applications, but most other applications are useless. I thought that the only way to do it is to […]

Tune Up Media – Give your music library a facelift!

Have you ever noticed how the ads for iTunes or Windows Media Player look? The media library is splashed with a riot of colors which has great cover art for every album stored in there. My iTunes in contrast has nothing more than the miserable grey, blue and white. Correction. My iTunes had nothing more than the miserable grey, blue and white. With almost just a single click, my latest find had my library set to rock n’ roll.
Tune Up Media is an iTunes and Windows Media Player attachment which instantly organizes you music library.

Sync drafts on Windows Live Writer with LiveMesh

When I started my blogging journey, I discovered the real fun of using Windows Live Writer rather late. Since I have started using Live Writer, I have come to the conclusion that it is the best blogging tool ever. Quite a few followers on Devils Workshop do agree at least according to this discussion on our Facebook page. 🙂

Now came the tricky part. I blog from two different computers. One at home and the other at work. The best option for me was to use Live Mesh to sync up drafts on Windows Live Writer.

Download Complete Windows Live Essentials 2011 Offline Installer

Windows Live Essentials 2011 are a bunch of free software from Microsoft which is very useful for many things like viewing and managing photos, email, chatting with friends and also other features like creating movies. It also has my personal favorite blogging tool Windows Live Writer. I often see many people have limited plans when […]

Microsoft outsources blogging to WordPress

This post is a cross-post from WPVeda.com our blog dedicated to WordPress. Microsoft has decided to close down Windows Live Spaces. It has tied up with Automattic the company which handles WordPress.com. So from now on in the future every Windows Live Spaces blog will have to be migrated to WordPress.com. All new sign-up will […]

Issue about Show Current Music track Gtalk with Windows media player and Winamp [Solved]

“ Show Current Music Track ” is feature of Gtalk which enables you to show the current song you are listing on you computer with Windows Media player and Winamp and the  song name will be automatically set as your  Gtalk status and it will be dynamically changed as the songs will changed in playlist […]

Move any Program to System Tray with TrayIt!

When you have a number of programs running on your system for most part of the day, that surely doesn’t mean that you are working only on those programs throughout, rather they will stay idle for most part of the day, and you will need them only when you need to perform a related task. […]

Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player and Winamp

Very often, we search for the lyrics of our favourite songs on web. To address the purpose there are many websites available, the list of which can simply be obtained via search engines. What if such a thing happens that every time you listen to your favourite songs, the lyrics are displayed besides the song […]