Issue about Show Current Music track Gtalk with Windows media player and Winamp [Solved]

“ Show Current Music Track ” is feature of Gtalk which enables you to show the current song you are listing on you computer with Windows Media player and Winamp and the  song name will be automatically set as your  Gtalk status and it will be dynamically changed as the songs will changed in playlist queue.

I found most users facing problems with ‘Show Current Music track‘ is not working with Windrows Media Player and Winamp, so I did a little research and come up with following solution.

For Windows Media player :

  • Open Windows media Player.
  • Then Navigate to Tools Menu  then Select Options.
  • Go to Plug-ins tab.
  • Navigate to Background Category.
  • And Checked the Option “Google Talk Music Plugin”.
  • Then start your Google talk (Gtalk) and play songs with Windows media player.
  • And Set your status as “Show Current Music track” in Gtalk.
  • You are Done!.

For Winamp :

  • Navigate to Winamp Installation Directory.
  • By Default It is located in  C:Program FilesWinamp.
  • Create a new file with notepad and save it as “winamp.m3u”.
  • And then play songs with winamp and start your Gtalk .
  • Set Status as “Show Current Music Track”.
  • You are Done !.

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10 replies on “Issue about Show Current Music track Gtalk with Windows media player and Winamp [Solved]”

  1. Hi Vishwanath! 🙂

    One thing,searching which I landed on this page was that troubleshooting with this problem being experienced even AFTER following the above instructions too!

    The main thing is, at times (mostly) the status doesnt get dynamically updated though!
    It just remains in the same status even after the song changes!

    Uhm..well I would have to then simply set the status again as “show current music track” to get it right!

    Hoping to get a good response from you!

    Thanks en avance! 🙂

    Arif Ali Khan.

  2. @Vishwanath @arif
    first of all nice post and nice screen shots. To speak frankly this plug-in is a waste of time. There are lot of precautions to be done to have this feature in the Gtalk, All most all the Gtalk users face this problems knowingly or unknowingly.!! If you really want to have this plug-in installed properly and make it work with Gtalk and windows media play follow these instructions as below:-

    download Gtalk >> then while installing Gtalk run as administrator >> install it >> restart your system >> and follow the above plug-in intallation process as per the above guide post
    >> again restart your system and use the feature…

    this mostly works in windows XP…

    Vista and windows 7 users might face the problems( technically speaking)

    If you want more info and detail info ping me at Demon’s tech

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