Microsoft outsources blogging to WordPress

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Microsoft has decided to close down Windows Live Spaces. It has tied up with Automattic the company which handles So from now on in the future every Windows Live Spaces blog will have to be migrated to All new sign-up will be redirected to

This was announced by Microsoft and Automattic at the Techcrunch Disrupt.

This will allow to be connected to Live Messenger. It can be used to update friends with a message when the blog is updated with a post. Along with that Live Spaces will cease to exist completely in six months.

For more details check here.


Anshul September 28, 2010

Good strategic move by Microsoft. Instead of wasting energy in an area where they have little chance of beating competition, they should now use it in improving Windows & Bing further.

Harsh September 28, 2010

I don’t think many people used Windows Live Spaces.