Nokia Launches Lumia 800 in India: Runs on Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango)

Today, Nokia launched the Lumia 800 in India. Lumia 800 runs on Windows 7.5 (Mango) OS. The phone looks quite adorable but more interesting part of this story would probably be how Microsoft and Nokia evolve together in the mobile market. Nokia has lost out big time in the smartphone market and these phones should be the starting point for […]

Solution for “This installation can only be uninstalled on 64-bit windows”

If you’re using a 32-bit Windows then sometimes you might get a Windows error while deleting or uninstalling a software which prohibits the uninstallation. That error is: “This installation can only be uninstalled on 64-bit windows” You get this error when you remove a file directly or even using “Add or Remove a Program” in […]

5 Types of Software You Don’t Need To Buy

I’m not a fan of shareware, as there are tons of freeware apps which act as an alternative. I see many of my friends spending money on Anti-viruses, Firewalls etc. because they think that these shareware apps are better than the free ones. Shareware is not bad, for example, Gimp can’t replace Photoshop. But unless […]

Windows 8 Will Change The Way Copy-Paste is Done! [Video]

If you are using Windows 7, there is a good chance that while copy-pasting files from one folder to another, there may be two files with similar names. Considering copy-paste is one of the most used commands on any platform, Windows 8 tries to change the way people will approach copy-paste jobs. With Windows 7, […]