Tagz.in – Indian combo for del.icio.us and reddit

Two great services – del.icio.us and reddit, both with their own unique features that make you keep going back to them. Wouldn’t it be great if you can use power of both social sites above at one place!

Started with thought to integrate power of del.icio.us and reddit, top Indian blogger Thilak Raj Rao and his brother Jeethu Rao ended up creating Tagz.in.

First thing that stunned me when I visited Tagz, is its simplicity and ultra-clean interface. Speed is amazing too.

Idea behind Tagz in their own words…

delicious proves that collectively, people tend to pretty accurately tag items. OTOH, while social news sites like Digg, Reddit and the zillion other clones (and forks) tend to focus on comments and the community aspects, their taxonomy tends to be very rigid. So, I thought of marrying the two ideas. The idea is hardly original, I’ve read about it a quite a lot of times on various blogs and programming.reddit. But whenever I talked about this, the universal response from my friends and acquaintances has always been on the lines of “Social News is pretty much a solved problem, there’s little or no room for any further improvement in that space”. Tagz was born as an experiment to see how well would a chimera of these two concepts fare in the wild.

All I can say, if you like services like del.icio.us & reddit, you will love Tagz.

Link: Tagz.in


Raseel September 5, 2008

I just gave this baby a ride. Loved it !!! Not just because of the idea, which I admit is very good, but also for some great sites I got 🙂
Great work guys

Rahul Bansal September 8, 2008

Glad to know that you find it useful… 🙂