TDIS – Introducing a new section on Devils Workshop

Few days back, Vaibhav Kanwal posted about his experience with Linux. As an editor, I was initially reluctant to publish that article as it was based on more personal experience. But as a strong and active community many of our reader participated in healthy discussion surrounding that topic.

Since then we were thinking about starting a section on Devils Workshop where our readers can share their personal experience related to Internet, technology, social networking and other technology related stuff. Unlike other articles, where we demand technical tips, tricks, hacks, tutorials, etc which can be directly used by others, goal of this section is to give our readers a platform to share their views.

You can use this new section to initiate healthy debate/discussion or collect a feedback on a topic on your mind. You no need to be a formal blogger to write in this section. Of course, you can run still run your adsense ads on your articles.

TDIS – Thank Devil It’s Sunday!


This will be a weekly feature, published on Sunday only. We choose Sunday, because its holiday for most people. So rather than brainstorming with another technical how-to guide, its better to indulge in lighter discussion.

Of course, if we get more articles for this series, me may consider increasing frequency of posts in this new section.

A note for non-bloggers…

We hope participation from many non-blogger readers. They may find registration process and using WordPress platform to publish articles little harder. In that case, they can email their articles to our editor team at email id – [email protected]. Please add word [TDIS] into subject line.


If you want to publish your article anonymously, its fine with us. Otherwise include 2-3 lines about yourself in the beginning of that email.

More experiments…

First we thank you Vaibhav for posting his own experience which gave us this idea. We are open to more experiments on Devils Workshop. After all its a community blog!

So feel free to use our forum, contact form or comment section to suggest new ideas/sections which you will like to see on Devils Workshop. If you can contribute towards your idea, that will be a plus!

Update: This Sunday’s post has been publish now – Me and My Social (Networking) Life (by Puja Lalwani)

19 replies on “TDIS – Introducing a new section on Devils Workshop”

    1. @Gagan
      Glad to know that! 🙂
      Please send articles for sunday special section [TDIS] is advance, so that they can get published on time! 🙂

      I will work on your suggestion soon.

      Even I face abusive language sometimes but don’t take it personally. At that time I remember all those nice “thank you” comments which keeps me going! 🙂

  1. Hey.. gr8 dude…

    Looking forward for gr8 experiences & views.. 😀

    And one request.. to add [TDIS] in the beginning of the post which are related to this

  2. @Rahul
    Thanks dude! I’m glad my post inspired a new section on DW. Although, healthy but my post also faced some flak by avid users of Linux which is but obvious.
    Nevertheless, its been a learning experience and definitely was fun. I plan to write more on this genre.

    Thanks to all those who participated in the discussion. I had a good time replying to your comments 🙂

    1. @Rahul
      Automobiles is too off topic.
      BTW you are welcome to start a blog on it. We can provide all support, servers, etc for that in case you want to take lead. 🙂

    1. @Venket
      Sorry bro, did not get your question.
      Can you explain more about it?

  3. @Rahul bansal
    That is every PC users gone through spywares and malwares infected in his computer. A post on how user suffered in that situation where spyware attacked his system.

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