Me and My Social (Networking) Life [TDIS]

social-networksI use social networking sites like almost anyone else. But slowly I’ve come to realise how much it has changed me as a person.

I can no longer talk about my feelings to anyone. It is my profile status. I actually revel in the joy of the number of comments I get for each status update. And I am depressed when no one cares about my state of mind.

Why is it necessary to announce to the whole world that I had dinner at a long lost relative’s place yesterday? I complain about this, yet I find myself asking whether my friend enjoyed the dinner.

If I am depressed, I want everyone to know. Everyone consoles me and asks what happened. I pour my heart out into another status update.

It is easier for me to message a friend Happy Birthday or write on her/his wall. Just for being so impersonal, I get my thank you as a status update on her/his behalf – ‘So and so: Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.’ Of course, if that is how much you care about me, this is how much I care about you.

A friend of someone I know passes away. His status update reads: ‘Still in shock. May your soul rest in peace.’

I gauge my popularity by the number of photographs and notes I am tagged in. It matters more when someone comments about me in the photograph. It hurts me when I haven’t been mentioned.

I hate what it has done to me. I have lost feeling and emotion for people. I cannot look anyone in the eye and tell them about my feelings. I find it so much easier to write in on their wall.

The point is, social networking sites have made my life most impersonal and inhuman. I feel like I am connected to the world only by means of these. I feel like I don’t have a life beyond it. But what I don’t realise is that I have destroyed all of my life beyond this. It is only my doing. I didn’t know where to stop. I went on ahead, wearing my emotions, not on my sleeve, but on my profile status. Everyone knows what’s happening in my life, and no one cares.

I want to give it up. I want to maintain relations with only people who matter. I don’t want to make new friends online. I want to make real friends out in the real world. I want to expand my network by being myself. I want to meet new people through me. I want to be the reason for my happiness and unhappiness. I don’t want to credit the same to some website online.

Ironically, I am complaining about the internet to the internet. I really am trapped in this world wide web. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it…

[Editor’s Note: This article is submitted by Puja Lalwani. She is interior designer by profession and new to blogging. This is her first blog post.

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Gautam April 5, 2009

Very emotional post….
Well, its a web so if anyone gets trapped.. then he/she can’t escape (unless they have a pair of scissors :P)

puja April 5, 2009

haha… you, my friend, are hilarious.. 😛

Gautam April 6, 2009

Lol =)

Puja April 6, 2009

I hope you do realise I was being sarcastic…

Vaibhav Kanwal April 6, 2009

I have a point to make. For me Social Networking is not for substituting the personal contacts with your friends.

Its more about being in touch with people or shall I say acquaintances with whom you seldom interact frequently. So many people you meet at your workplace, gym, college etc where you just pass by with a customary ‘Hi!’ and that’s about it.

Your distant cousin with whom you don’t meet often and probably wont have much to talk about if you call them every week or so. It makes sense to keep them updated with services like twitter.

With better friends, you don’t really loose contact do you. So, with them its not an issue for the rest it serves as a good alternative.

Anand April 7, 2009

Nice post….kinda like it !! 🙂

couldn’t agree more with “Can’t live with it, can’t live without it…”

Puja April 7, 2009


Hi… I agree with you, but what I have mentioned is the other side of the coin. And I must point out that in spite of the uses of social networking you have mentioned, I think it has been overlooked by many.

Vaibhav Kanwal April 7, 2009

That’s true.

What intrigues me the most is that people who wont even tell their school’s name and who keep things all hush hush are generally the ones who wont give a second thought before posting “personal’ pics of themselves on social networking sites!

Its a strange kind of dual personality trait being nurtured at these socializing sites. Its equally fun nevertheless, and even more disturbing at times.

Your post highlights this in a simple & sarcastic way. Makes for a crisp read 🙂

Puja April 7, 2009

Thank you.. 🙂 We could probably argue about the pros and cons forever..

Puja April 9, 2009

@ Anand

Thank you. 🙂

mannsi agrawal April 10, 2009

puj!! u rocked this one!! very very true!!

Rahul April 17, 2009

truth straight from heart…

rajat May 12, 2009

[no gender politics,but] girls have half of fun by rejecting the friend request and boys have fun in sending it !
and some Rogue friends have interest in making fake girl profile and taking fun out of it, and you wonder ” kaun hai wo jo mere baare me itana janati hai ?”

Rahul Bansal May 19, 2009

Nice observation buddy! 🙂
You may consider writing a sequel of this post. 😉

rajat May 29, 2009

he he he 😀 thanks for advise ; but i am afraid of writing a blog
1. my English grammar is weak
2. bad comment hurts me
coz i write “dil se”

Rahul Bansal May 30, 2009

You can write “Dil Se” and then one of our Editor will make necessary changes to polish it! 😉

khushroo May 24, 2010

Nice article dude, couldnt agree more but it wont b bad if ur able to balance ur life within and outside d pc. And who knows some friends you made online may stay lonegr thand one in d real world 🙂

janelle January 17, 2011

hi, i think you may be the person from buzz, i read the dream recurrence, if this is you can you email me i have a few questions.
thanks so much