.TEL Domain Now Generally Available for Registration

.TEL DomainToday, I recieved a newsletter from Name.com with the subject “Name.com – .TEL Domain General Availability“. I was very happy to see that as I was waiting for a very long time for the .TEL landrush to over (as the price of .TEL domain was $295 for 3 years – I couldn’t afford that!). You may view the online newsletter here.


p style=”text-align: left;”>Hopefully, the landrush is now over and Name.com is now offering .TEL domains at 8.95$ (for a limited time). The normal price of .TEL is 14.95$. I went forward and availed the 8.95$ offer. I bought Gautam.tel (It is not working right now as there is some problem. I have mailed my query to Name.com support and I am waiting for their reply). You do not need any other hosting as they provide you with the hosting. Not exactly hosting, but you can enter your details there. That doesn’t means that you can upload files or pages. For more information on .TEL, you may visit here.

How to buy .TEL Domain?

Well, you can go to Name.com, enter the domain you want in the textbox provided and hit search. You will be showed the available TLDs. There, watch out for .TEL. If it is available, then check the box and at the bottom of the page, click Checkout. Make a new account or Sign in if you already have one. At the time you are viewing your cart, check at the bottom and click on Edit Requirements. Here are some screenshots which will help you understand it better:

.TEL Domain - Checkout Page

.TEL Domain - Edit Requirements

Once you have filled the required details, you can move to the Billing section (on the same page) and pay them. Once you have bought the domain, you may go here and login with the username and password you just created. You may enter more information about yourself in the dashboard. Here are some more screenshots:

.TEL Domain - Dashboard.TEL Domain - Add Information

.TEL Domain - Map Location

(Click on the Images to enlarge)


p style=”text-align: left;”>Links: Name.com | Online Newsletter | .TEL Information | .TEL Wiki Entry | Telnic | FAQ


Gautam March 26, 2009

[b]UPDATE[/b]: Gautam.tel is now up and working!

Bapun March 26, 2009

@ Gautam (Part – I πŸ˜› ) :

gautam.tel?? What will you do with this domain yaar? πŸ˜€

Gautam March 26, 2009

.TEL is made to store contact information of people. It can be accessed through mobile. Most probably, it will become very popular in the coming months. Thats why bought it. (Vaise, tashan marne ke liye bhi khareeda tha πŸ˜› )

Harsh Agrawal March 26, 2009

Lol…”Tashan marne ke liye bhi khareeda tha πŸ˜› “

Gautam March 26, 2009

Lol πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ /)

Bapun March 28, 2009

@ Gautam : Lolz…

I used to think that it’s for telephone companies only, like .edu domains are used and given to educational institutions. Anyways.. carry on your tashan and keep singing… Tashan de…tashan de…